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A thought came to me one day while driving back from the Canton Fieldhouse in 2008, I've always wanted to run a website about OHS sports, I knew I had the passion to make it work, but lacked the slightest bit of knowledge on creating a site from scratch.

I started looking around online, for places that already had everything in place, all I needed to do was add the content.

So I settled on Blogger (for now), and on March 10, 2008...the site was born. What a launch, huh?

Once I knew this was something I wanted to keep doing, I needed to tell myself why I was doing this? What purpose would it serve?

This is what I came up with....

1. To establish a web presence for Orrville Red Rider sports, news and information.I was tired of the fact that we're one of the most successful high school athletic programs in the state, but had almost no presence on the web. I decided to change that....hopefully for the better.

2. To build an online reference point for Orrville Red Rider sports history and records.

3. To "bring the past alive" with old articles, stories and photos of some of the great Rider teams throughout history.

4. To report on present-day news, including schedules, game previews, statistics and opinion.

Enjoy reading, and I'd love to hear your feedback via the comments section below or by email.