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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wooster Week - Calling All Riders!!!!

I want to provide an opportunity for you, the reader, to relay any story that you think is relevant to Wooster week. The prespetive does not matter, if you're a player, a parent, a fan, a coach, band member, cheerleader, official, it makes no difference. I'd love to get some stories or memories dealing with the entire spectrum of the week. Anything that is memorable to you, or left an impact on you.

And the angle of your story or memory does not matter either. If it's about the Wooster Senior Assembly, putting the pads on 1 final time, beating Wooster and making the playoffs, a personal recollection of a memorable game or performance, going to the bonfire...whatver. It's truly a blank slate for you to fill. All I ask is that it be relatable to the Orrville/Wooster rivalry.

Use the comment section below to post your stories & recollections, I will not publish any messages left in the comment section to this particular post, rather I will use them in a separate post, to be posted hopefully the morning of the bonfire, to give everyone plenty of time to read them.

Sharpen your pencils fellow Riders, let's really make this something that brings to life the passion that we all share.

Here's your inspiration, should you need any........

PS - Please, if you know of someone that hasn't yet discovered this blog, but think they could contribute a Wooster Week memory, forward them this link. Just copy and paste this link in an email and send it to them.......

Beat Wooster!!

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Anonymous said...

Here is an old story that I found in my research from a 1935 edition of the Orrville Courier.

On the Monday following the Friday defeat of Wooster in football, some 50 Orrville High School students refused to return to class after lunch. They walked downtown and tried to “bum” rides from people to take them to Wooster so they could gloat.

Fortunately, no one picked up any of the students. All were suspended, including members of the football team, who also had to sit out the next game. The Wooster game was not the last game of the year like it is today. Because of the suspensions, Orrville lost to Navarre in the next game.

The Courier-Crescent article from October 24 reported that “parents of the students have backed up the school authorities in the punishment exacted, although in a few instances some complaint was made that the school skipping episode was “just a youngster’s lark.” The teachers, who have a sufficient problem keeping order as it is, saw nothing funny in the situation, however.”

from BRF