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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Work Continues on My Garage the MPAF

Took a few minutes over the weekend to check out the progress on the MPAF (Multi-Purpose Athletic Facility).

I hadn't seen it up close and hadn't even driven past since the steel beams were installed. I was really taken aback at how big this building will be. It really dwarfs the high school and even the football field, as you'll see in the photos.

It is nice to see all the local contractors and businesses working on this project (quite a contrast from the elementary school being built next door...but that's another discussion for another time).

Before we get to the photos...we need to come up with a shortened name, or a nickname for this space. Multi-Purpose Athletic Facility just doesn't roll off the tongue does it? "The Barn" is a little too easy, although it does play off the "Red Rider" name. Any ideas?

Now onto the photos....enjoy. Click on each for a larger version.


Anonymous said...

THE FACILITY. Nah, sounds too much like it's an outhouse.

THE FAC. Nope, one wrong vowel sound away from something you don't want kids to repeat.

THE SHED. Hmm...along the same lines as your "barn" theme.

Ok, I'm out of ideas...

Dean J.

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

I dont mind "the shed."

Anonymous said...

I do know that the word "athletic" is not to be part of the name, since the facility will also be used for such things as band practice or community events. The theme of the fundraiser was "The Final Piece of the Puzzle", so maybe there's a tip in there somewhere. Or maybe it's just The House, as in "Riders are in the house!" At any rate, it's an exciting thing to see happen!

Anonymous said...

The Stables
Where every good Red Rider keeps his "horses"

Kerry said...

the Red Zone?