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Friday, July 31, 2009

Twitter + Site Recognition + Internet Ranking = Total Dweeb

The following post includes shameless self-promotion. You've been warned.

Yes, I'm Twitter-ering, Tweeting on Twitter. I have one loyal follower (albeit one with a mighty editorial voice). Here's the link, and if you click the Twitter logo at the top of this page, you'll end up there as well.

My plan is to use it for items of note in the local sports scene, but items not really worthy of an entire blog post. I've got it set up to automatically add blog posts to my Twitter feed, so you won't miss any blog content if you choose to follow my Twitter. Twitter will dovetail nicely with this site. Give it time, allow me to grow into it (just like the blog), and I think you'll see what a neat thing it is.

What it will be used for has me real excited...posting in-game from Red Rider Stadium, or wherever the mighty Rider happen to be playing. Except maybe Clear Fork. Have they discovered cell phone service down there yet?

Limiting my thoughts to 140 characters is proving to be quite challenging, but I'm working on it.

Now onto some shameless backpatting. Your fearless blogger has garnered another bit of exposure, this time on the very popular Ohio high school sports site, JJHuddle. In a collaborative effort, the archive of OHSAA Computer Points (1972 to present) that was housed (exclusively, to my knowledge) on this site, now appears on JJHuddle's front page (right hand side, look for the tournament bracket icon), check out the bottom of the page for the kudos.

And in the news of Chase Hoobler committing to Akron, I got a little mention there too. So...a link to the site has now appeared on the Mansfield News Journal site & JJHuddle. I really need to get some love from the Daily Record. I've got an idea for a future post that may spur some countywide discussion, so maybe the door will open up a little bit then. Maybe I'll get picked to do their football predictions this fall too. Who knows?

Not surprisingly, all this exposure has led to skyrocketing popularity. The site is now ranked in the top 3.1 million websites in all the galaxy (I currently rank 3,045,623 according to's up from 3,202,720 a scant 9 days ago). Don't laugh. Seriously, stop laughing. That ranking is up 500% over the past 3 months, so if you think it's laughable now, imagine what it was 3 months ago. I'll still take it. I ain't too proud.

I've also topped the 250 member mark on my Facebook page. Another great way to track the site if Facebook is your scene.

July was another record breaking month for the site in terms of visitors and we have now topped 6,500 visitors and 17,000 (SEVENTEEN THOUSAND!!) pageviews since the first of the year. I had no goals going into this....only to be informative. The fact that so many of you have visited the site, and then returned or subscribed or followed is just so awesome. Can't thank you enough.
Football season is right around the corner and I'm looking forward to another season of providing Rider fans with unique and informative content.

Your emails and comments are always appreciated.


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