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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Published on CNBC....Yes indeedy.

Today was the day. I had known for a few weeks that my submission to the CNBC Sports Biz "Guest Blogger" contest had been selected, but had yet to see it get published...and I was TERRIFIED. I knew the guest blogs were to run through the 25th of May and that mine was one of two yet to be published.

I feared getting forgotten about, my article being skipped, or rejected for it's sheer awfulness.

Sidebar: I'm aware that I've developed a nasty inferiority complex.  Never thought I would, but it's the first thing I do when I read my work...look for mistakes or things I should have done differently/better.  I hope that's normal.

Take a look at some of the other folks who got published and you could see how I might develop a complex.  A college football player at Oregon, company presidents, Senior Executives....big timers, all writing (extremely well) about things in their area of speciality.

I'm some yokel hometown blogger (save all the "parents' basement" references) writing about a topic that, on the surface, seems to be well outside of my wheelhouse.

Maybe it should have been skipped.  I felt waaaaay out of my league.  Still thrilled beyond belief, and hope it's just humility more than inadequacy.

But it did indeed get published, and I think holds it's own.  It was the last in the series of guest blogs.  I guess they saved the best for last right?

Here's the proof.

I know it's not about Orrville in any way shape or form...I tried, believe me, I did. I couldn't think of something related to high school sports and business, but I'm sure I can now that it's long after the deadline. I always think of the best ideas where they're of no use to me.

Anyway, I'm proud of the article and what it means. And I'm grounded in the fact that this isn't some "against all odds" achievement.

I've heard luck defined as opportunity meeting preparedness. I guess it's that more than anything else.

Thanks for reading, and continuing to support this little venture. Pretty good year so far, I got to cover the Red Riders from the floor of Value City Arena for Orrviews, had my writing published on CNBC, and write for the Daily Record.

I have no idea what's next.  Maybe I'll get the exclusive interview with LeBron James where he declares his intentions for next season..........

.....or maybe not.

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