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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Here's Kyle Simmons in a commercial....again.

Remember this post from last year? Well, Kyle's a commercial star again, but this year, one commercial wasn't enough. It's two this year.

All kidding aside, why would you NOT want to feature him in material that promotes your school's academics and athletics? He might be the ultimate definition of a student athlete. Excelling on the field and off the field. Everyone Orrville should be proud to call him a Red Rider.

Keep an eye on the TV listings for SportsTime Ohio to catch some of Kyle's games. They've already featured the Mt. Union game and will be showing the Baldwin-Wallace game Monday morning (tomorrow) at 5am. Fire up the DVR and record one of his last games as a college athlete.

Here's the first video

And the second one...the part about Kyle starts about a minute in.

I'm guessing that his future will be whatever he chooses to make it.

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