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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year - Here's some old yearbook photos

Happy New Year to all my readers, in whatever platform you choose. Whether you subscribe by e-mail, follow me on Twitter or Facebook, or just drop by the site once a week, I appreciate you taking the time to make reading my site a part of your day. It means the world to me.

It was a banner year for the site in terms of readership and site visits. Thank you so much for your kind words, your comments and your passion for the Red Riders. Thanks most of all to the student-athletes of Orrville, your hard work and on-field successes make what I do so enjoyable.

Here's to a bright 2011.

Now on to other things...specifically, some great sports pictures from old Orrville yearbooks.

I can not and will not take a single ounce of credit for these photos....these were made available by the Orrville Alumni Association Facebook page.  There's three folders full of all sorts of old photos, this is just a sampling of some of the best photos with a sports theme.

If you enjoy looking at these, consider giving the Alumni Association a "Like" if you're on Facebook and haven't already done so.

From the 1948 bonfire.  Check out that Wooster dummy being carried by the two cheerleaders.  More of a torso than anything else.  Love the sign, simple.

1943.  On the Church St. steps of the old high school, then junior high and now a pile of rubble & dirt.  Looks like the precursor to letter jackets were cardigans.  I like that look.  Neat how the ladies 'O' is more round, while it's more elongated in the gents version, except for the gal in front.  The guys version seems to come in three different styles, a red, a white and a black, and even a 4th version (5th guy from the bottom) that's just a sweater instead of a cardigan.  Wonder if the little stripes on the sleeve are indicative of anything, or just stylistic?

1952.  Great picture of the majorettes and the scoreboard in the background.  This was a few years before the new high school was built on Ella St., so I assume this is the old Sanderson Field which I believe is at or near where Smuckers is now.

The 1954 basketball team.  Warner Harper is #11.  He was the man mentioned by Bobby Knight several times during his speech at OHS as being one of the greatest athletes in Orrville history.  Pretty high praise.  Here's the link to the picture on facebook that identifies the other players in the picture.

 1960.  Wish I could see the writing on that trophy.  The football team was 8-1 in 1960 so maybe it's some sort of conference championship trophy.  Pictured is Bobby Howard (L) and Lynn Carson.

1965 basketball.  Riders clinging to a 2-point lead.  Love the Red Rider logo on the back of the jackets and the stripes socks.  High school & gym were less than 10 years old at the time.

1965 football.  Red Riders in the dark jerseys. Pretty sure that's Brunswick we're playing.  Riders won that game 30-0.

1958.  You don't see signs and creativity like this anymore.  And it's all tasteful too.  Love it.

Young Mo.  He became head coach in 1965.  This picture couldn't have been much after then.  Check out that blazer with the block "O."  So classy.

1969 bonfire.  Letter jackets haven't changed a whole lot have they?

1969 Beat Wooster parade.  Two observations.  This was during the day, not in the evening as they do now.  And also...I've never heard of Larry's Bar B-Q.  If I had to guess, this was on Market St. heading West out of the downtown district.
(UPDATE: According to local historian Ned Hostetler, Larry's BBQ was on W. Market St. where Jerry's Cafe/Bar is now.  Larry's was owned by Larry Gantz who was friends with former major league baseball player and local product Dean Chance.  Cool info, thanks Mr. H.)

Guessing this is from the mid 70's.  Love those jerseys with "Red Riders" on the back.  Helmet stripe looks the same back then as it does today.

Another tremendous football picture.  Has to be early 70's.  Check out those skulls on the helmet.

Late 1970's.  Coach Smitty is either coaching against West Holmes, or getting ready for an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party.  Assistant coach behind him is Jim Swaney.  What a beautiful picture.

I think this is another one from the late 70's or 1980 (first comment below says it's from Smitty's first year, which would be the 1977-78 season).  A lot of these guys were on the 1980 final four team, but this might have been the year before. Here's the link to the picture that names the players on that team.

1980.  Al Lehman, Mac, Dave Vodika, Ernie Mello, Dennis Hochstetler.  Lounging with high socks & coaches shorts.  Priceless.

That's it.  There's plenty more to look at over at the Alumni Association's Facebook page.  Take a look.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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rider77 said...

The pictures of Smitty are from his first year of coaching here at Orrville. Brent DeWitz #23, Mark Griggs #45, Rob Miller #53, et. al. were seniors on his first team. Kent Smith was also a senior and is second in from the right in the team pic