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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reggie Williams (Class of 1959) Article from OrrViews

Thought I'd post this for out-of-towners and those that don't get to read OrrViews.

It's from the July 15th issue and focuses on Orrville Class of '59 grad (and Orrville Sports Hall of Fame inductee) Mr. Reggie Williams. I'll let the article speak for itself, but wanted to point out what a great bit of depth is contained in this. Mr. Williams speaks of his upbringing in a single-parent household in Orrville, his days as a Red Rider under Coach Bill Shunkwiler and the numerous teachers, friends and other Orrvillites who befriended him through his adolescence and beyond.

There's so much more to mention, but take a minute and read the's worth your time.

Here's the full article

It's a shining testimony to a person who was never handed anything, but didn't let that derail the goals he had for himself. Too often we concern ourselves with goals others set for us, but all that should matter is goals we set and work towards achieving on our own.

The moral is that hard work, dedication, and a desire to be great trumps the "hand" you're dealt in life. A community like Orrville can help a person in their development as a young person, but it's eventually up to the individual.

Mr. Williams didn't let himself be a victim, and the community of Orrville is proud to call him a Red Rider.

We talk about tradition a lot in this town, especially when it comes to's people like Mr. Williams...and I'm sure he'd add names that have come before and since...that make our tradition such a strong and proud one.

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