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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Found on YouTube: 1997 Boys Basketball Games

Always love to find old Orrville sports videos on YouTube. The following three videos were from the 1997 boys basketball season and certainly don't disappoint.

The '96-'97 Red Riders were fresh off a back-to-back run of state titles in 1995 and 1996 and finished the season 16-5.

They were led in scoring that year by junior Brian McDaniel (#12).  Other members of the team were Emmanuel Stone (#40), Cedric Simpson (#25), Aaron Dotson (#10), DK McDonald (#14), Dru Robinson (#20) and of course...Coach Smitty on the sidelines.

The first two clips were from the Damon's Classic that pitted Canton McKinley and Orrville against each other in the championship game. The Riders won the Classic the year before and repeated this season.

Here's Part 1...

Here's Part 2...

The final clip is from a home game that season against Mansfield Madison.  I love seeing the gym the way it used to be...wood bleachers, old floor, packed stands.  A REAL home court advantage.  I know that period of time was special and may never happen again, but I feel like our home court advantage isn't near what it used to be. 

The announcer in all three of these videos is Bob McGuire.

Whoever uploaded the videos (guessing YouTube user Adef101 is an Orrville grad)...thanks so much and keep the videos coming.

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