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Thursday, March 29, 2012

All-Time Wayne/Holmes County Boys Basketball Scoring Leaders

This isn't so much an Orrville post as it is a historical reference post.

With Hiland winning another state title, and being led by senior standout and D-IV Player of the Year Dylan Kauffman, I began wondering about his all-time points scored. He's a rare 4-year starter and has made deep tournament runs every year.

I listened to the Hiland games on WQKT (great job as usual!) and caught them saying that Kauffman had 1,698 points coming in to the semifinal game on Thursday.  He scored 20 in that win and then 17 more in the championship game, putting his all-time points scored at 1,735.

His teammate Seger Bonifant finished his career (2 years at Strasburg & 2 at Hiland) with 1,456 points.

Both point totals are good enough to crack the top 20 in Dauily Record area history.

Below is the list of all-time leading scorers in Wayne/Holmes Co. (and Hillsdale) basketball history.

The original information was posted by The Daily Record back in 2011.  At the time, Northwestern's Brennan McKean and Orrville's Zach Wasson were still playing games & scoring points.  I've updated both of their numbers with their final career tallies, added Kauffman & Bonifant & highlighted the Orrville players in red.

1. Ryan Berg, Dalton, 1,945 ('96)

2. Roy Welty, Chester, 1,818 ('51)

3. Erich Riebe, Waynedale, 1,795 ('88)

4. Bob Troyer, Walnut Creek, 1,793 ('51)

5.  Dylan Kauffman, Hiland, 1,735 ('12)

6. Jerry Galehouse, Doylestown, 1,728 ('57)

7. Marcell Denson, Orrville, 1,722 ('96)

8. Kevin Summers, Orrville, 1,681 ('92)

9. Ben Swisher, Triway, 1,650 ('92)

10. Junior Raber, Hiland, 1,635 ('92)

11. Dan Thomas, Dalton, 1,619 ('56)

12. Nate Gaubatz, Northwestern, 1,599 ('97)

13. Boyd Breece, Rittman, 1,583 ('73)

14. Brennan McKean, Northwestern, 1,570 ('11)

15. Zach Wasson, Orrville, 1,532 ('11)

16. Seger Bonifant, Hiland, 1,456 ('12)

17. Doug Cline, Northwestern, 1,422 ('90)

18. Keith Troyer, Hiland, 1,421 ('86)

19. Dean Chance, Northwestern, 1,378 ('59)

20. Danny Peters, Wooster, 1,369 ('02)

21. Renauld Ray, Orrville, 1,360 ('96)

22. Jason Workman, Central Christian, 1,353 ('92)

23. Ryan Lent, Triway, 1,350 ('97)

24. Mark Alberts Jr., Wooster, 1,348 ('88)

T25. Fitz Hurd, Norwayne, 1,313 ('80)

T25. Don Welty, Chester, 1,313 ('49)

26. Larry Benning, Triway 1,308 ('88)

Some real great names on this list.

What's neat about this list is that all but 3 schools (Smithville, Hillsdale & West Holmes) are represented. So also from this list, you can figure out who the career leading scorers are for most schools in the area as well. 

I did find out through this link that Smithville's Kenny Kornowski is their leading scorer with 1,215 career points.  Also found that Mike Cline is West Holmes All-time leading scorer from this link, with 1,201 career points. 

Current West Holmes sophomore Brady Arnold is almost certain to break Cline's record if he can put together 2 more good seasons as a Knight.  He has 718 points according to this link after 2 seasons, so he's within 500 points with 2 years to go.  Might even happen next year.

Other than Arnold, there's not a real threat to any school records that currently stand.  Maybe Smithville senior-to-be Alex Bates (756 points through junior season), but he'd have to average 20 pts. per game next year to pass Kenny Kornowski's 1,215.

One other to watch is Wooster freshman Cam Daugherty.  He scored 234 points this season as a freshman, and would need about 1150 over his next 3 years to surpass Danny Peters record of 1,369.

Can't find any info on Hillsdale's all-time leading scorer, so that remains the only mystery.  They've had some good teams recently so wondering if it's someone that's recently graduated? If anyone has info on Hillsdale's leading scorer, please let me know either by email or just leave it in the comments section.

This list, along with each school's leading scorer can be found at the top of the page under the "Records & Champions" tab for future reference.

What is interesting about the all-time points scored list is that beginning with the 2012-13 season, the regular season will now be 22 games instead of 20.  So a 4 year starter going forward will now have 8 additional games in which to increase his career points.  That might result in anywhere from 100-200 points and could really alter the numbers over time.

In case you're wondering about girls records...the list begins with West Holmes' Lisa Cline and her 2,958 career points (including a state best 76 in a game back in 1985).  Just amazing.  She had 1,924 points COMING IN TO HER SENIOR YEAR!!  Then she tacked on a measly 1,034 points in her senior year alone (average of nearly 40 points per game that year).  1,000 points for a career is quite an accomplishment, and she did it in one year.

Orrville senior-to-be Hannah Plybon stands at 1,380 career points with 1 season left, which puts her 2nd on the all-time Orrville career scoring list.  She needs just 90 points to become Orrville's all-time leading scorer and should get that by the 4th or 5th game of the 2012-13 season.  She's got an outside shot at 2,000 career points, but would need to average right around 25 points per game to reach that goal.

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