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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Turf Field renamed 'Heartland Field at Red Rider Stadium'

This literally happened within the last 48 hours & I wanted to share and clarify this with my readers.

First things's the press release:
Orrville High School Turf to be Named Heartland Field
Heartland Field will be the name of Red Rider Stadium’s new artificial turf. The announcement was made earlier this week by Bob Serpentini of Serpentini Chevrolet / Buick, the naming sponsor of the 'Team Up for Turf' project at Orrville High School.

Serpentini said naming the field in honor of the Heartland Education Community, Inc., is a fitting recognition for the hundreds of people that have been committed to the Heartland Education Community for the past 20 years.

It also reflects Orrville’s community spirit, which was instrumental in bringing to fruition Heartland’s vision of creating three new centerpiece school buildings, a multi-purpose facility and The Orrville Area Boys & Girls Club in a common campus in the center of the city.

“We are honored that the Heartland name will be connected with the new field at Red Rider Stadium,” said Al Yeagley, Steering Committee Chairman for Heartland. “Education always has been at the heart of the Orrville community. The naming of the field will help recognize and continue the good work that the community has committed to the education of our youth by shifting the focus from school to education and shifting responsibility from school to community.”

Heartland Field at Red Rider Stadium will be dedicated Friday, August 31, 2012, prior to the first home game of the season.
Basically what this means is there was an agreement reached between Serpentini Chevrolet-Buick and the Heartland Education Community, Inc. to rename the field and from this point forward, the field will be referred to as "Heartland Field at Red Rider Stadium."

Mr. Serpentini's significant financial commitment to the turf project remains the same and his support is greatly appreciated.  He agreed to transfer the naming rights due to his respect for the positive impact the Heartland initiatives have had on the Orrville community via their involvement with the Orrville schools.

The agreement had no input from the Orrville City Schools, their administration or the 'Team Up for Turf' Committee.

This should reflect positively on both parties.  The relationship between Serpentini, the Orrville Schools and the Turf Committee was and remains 100% positive and the Heartland Education Community has been amazingly supportive of the Orrville School System for 20+ years.

As far as logistics related to the stadium, specifically the Bleacher Wrap bearing Serpentini's name....the top part of the wrap has already been removed and will be replaced with signage recognizing Heartland as the new naming rights sponsor of the field on one half, with Serpentini keeping an advertising presence on the other half. 

The costs associated with replacing the banners will be paid for by the Heartland organization.

I think a sincere "thank you" is warranted to both Heartland and to Serpentini Chevrolet for this agreement.  Two entities got together and made a mutually beneficial decision that positively impacts the Orrville community.  Let's keep that in mind when discussing this issue.


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Anonymous said...

Tremendous! Truly exemplifies the team spirit our community holds so dear. Seems like a real win-win-win for all parties involved. Thank you to everyone who touched this project in any way and best wishes to the many students who will enjoy and benefit from this amazing project.