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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Congrats to Bobby Lehman - Berkey Classic MVP

A big RRS Blog tip of the cap to Orrville senior Bobby Lehman, who became the 7th Orrville boys basketball player to capture the MVP award at the Wilbur Berkey Classic, showcasing the top senior talent in Wayne County area.

Bobby scored 27 points, on 9-23 shooting (39%) from behind the 3-pt line, and led his team to a 104-72 win on Tuesday night.

It was a great night for all 3 Orrville Seniors playing in their final high school game.

Donald Short scored 20 points and grabbed 5 boards, and Cortez McCrary scored 10 points along with 9 boards.

It's great to see the kids having fun and playing with no pressure or restrictions.

Anyone know the other 6 Orrville players to win the Berkey MVP? I'm assuming we had 2 or 3 in our glory years of the mid 90's, but have no clue as to who they might be (Denson, Ray, Summers, Royer would be 4 guesses).

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