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Monday, December 1, 2008

2008 Orrville Hoops Preview....a new feature, and a poll.

Put the peach baskets up on's cage season!!

Here's my 2008-09 Boys Basketball preview......albeit a brief one.

Strengths: Low post size (Wasson, Pirman, Hoobler)
Weakness: Lack of an experienced PG...overall depth.
Question Mark: Can the Riders win their 1st district title since 1996?

My Starting Five:
PG - Joe Besancon
SG - Jake Bolyard
C - Zach Wasson
SF - Syndel Gant
PF - Max Pirman

Prediction: 16-4 (11-3 in the OCC, 2nd place).


Here's the schedule.

As for my new feature, let's call it the "Wasson Watch"©, it's purpose is to track the points of sophomore Zach Wasson....and here's what it will look like.

The Wasson Watch

Season Points to Date: N/A

Career Points to Date: 289

Season PPG: N/A

Career PPG: 13.1 ppg

Points from 500: 211 (projected date of 500th point....Jan 30, 2009 @ Ashland)

I'm not trying to undermine the "TOGETHERNESS" of the team....but I do feel that he has a real chance of being Orrville's 1st 1,000 point scorer in over 10 years, so why not track it. He also had 139 rebounds last season. Honestly, I think he has a chance to be a 1500 pt/600 rebound guy....and I'm not too sure how many other Orrville hoopsters can claim that. Very few for sure.

Lastly, a new poll at the top of the page. And just like the last early & vote often once.

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