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Thursday, December 18, 2008

New "Non-Orrville" Links

I've tried to keep my links (Look on the right side margin) as Orrville related as I can, but it's time to include some of my favorite sites that have nothing to do with Orrville sports. I hope you at least take a look, they're meant to broaden the mind and enrich your lives....or at least kill some time.

Let's start with probably the one that's most popular at this very moment, or the one that's got the most buzz....

Club Trillion. Never heard of it? Me neither, until about 2 days ago. It's run by a guy named Mark Titus, who also happens to be a non-scholarship junior on the OSU men's basketball team. He blogs about being an "end of the bench" guy and other behind the scenes stuff. I won't bother trying to explain the Club Trillion thing, but once you read this, it will make sense. His writing is fantastic. It's rare that athletes take up blogging, most don't know how, or could care less. This guy is different.

Bill Simmons. In the same mold of Club Trillion, Simmons writing is fantastic, and if you can get by the (sometimes) excess of Boston sports talk, he's always fun to read. If you podcast, his weekly podcast is one of the best out there.

UniWatch. Anyone who's read this blog knows my love for the details encompassed in a uniform, and this site is the holy grail. Not much more can or needs to be said.

Ballparks, Arenas and Stadiums. This is the site I got the St. John Arena slideshow from. It's a great time killer, and has the most complete collection of new and old ballparks and arenas.

Ohio Media Watch Blog. Covers Ohio radio and TV dealings. Must read.

Waiting For Nexy Year. Tremendous Cleveland sports blog. A good amount of humor for a site that covers the Browns.

The O-Zone. Ignore everything but the Photo Gallery. Trememdous pictures of every OSU football and basketball game. Any picture can be made into a print for you to buy.

I think that will do for now. If you have a favorite link or two that you think I might like, post it in the comments. I'll post these in the right hand sidebar.

Lastly, I've removed the counter on the right hand side. It was not giving me accurate readings. There have been 4000 page visits since October, but not 4000 visitors. I don't want to be accused of padding my stats.

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