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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OHSAA Football Computer Points: A Historical Database

This is a real exciting addition to my site...and one that has very broad interest. Below you will find a link to the final OHSAA Harbin Computer Points standings for every year since the football playoffs began in 1972.

These files were housed on the now defunct, I used them as a reference all the time when doing my Playoff History Overview. I went there one day a few weeks ago to check some data, only to find that the site had been shut down....the files....gone. Then a thought came to me, "why can't I host them on my blog?"

After some searching and a few dead ends, I found the person who had originally scanned them and posted them to, and he was more than willing to share his work and the files with me to post on the site. It's such a vast amount of historical data, I hated seeing them disappear from the web. The OHSAA website has the data back to the year 2000, but nothing before that.

What is great about the formulas & points is that they're virtually unchanged from year to year and decade to decade. Only the number of teams that qualified has changed over the years. In the 70's, only 2 teams per region and 8 teams per division qualified for post-season play, a far cry from the now 8 teams per region and 32 per division (192 in the state) that qualify.

Without further ado, here they are....each file should open in a separate window for ease of viewing. Some of the older files are very large in size, please allow the appropriate load time.

The link to these documents will be permanently housed at the top of this site, in case this particular post gets buried (which it surely will).

OHSAA Football Harbin Computer Points Database (1972-2008)



Happy data mining! Thanks to Scott from Dover who jogged my memory, and to Bob from Canton for sharing these files with me.  Files beginning in 2009 and after courtesy of the OHSAA.