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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Orrville's Hoobler and Miller getting D1 attention

Chase Hoobler and Sam Miller, both seniors-to-be are already receiving some big time offers, and we're 4 months away from Game 1 of the 2009 season.

Chase has received 3 offers to date, Akron, who offered last fall, and more recently Louisville and Indiana have come to the table with full scholarship offers. Here's a link to Chase's page on

Sam has also been offered a scholarship to Louisville and is also garnering interest from the Crimson Tide of Harvard. Here's Sam's ScoutingOhio page.

I'm sure both will receive more offers as the season progresses.

Also, both Sam and Chase have also made the top 100 prospect list on JJHuddle. Chase checks in at #70, while Sam is at #76.

Orrville hasn't had many D-1 recruits in it's history. To have multiple offers on the table before their senior year speaks volumes about these young men as well as the efforts put in by Coach Davault and his staff to get these kids the attention they've earned.

I think this also speaks to the state of recruiting these days. With YouTube and digital video becoming the norm, the gap between college recruiters and athletes is smaller than ever. With a few mouse clicks, a highlight tape can be sent right to a college coaches' inbox, or uploaded to a clearing house like ScoutingOhio. The intensity and passion with how college athletes are studied, analyzed and tested as they prepare for the NFL Draft is starting to trickle down to the high school level. Not so sure it's a good thing, but certainly inevitable.

Regardless, congrats to these kids and their families. A free education is quite the accomplishment, especially in these uncertain economic times.

In other Saved by the Bell recruiting news....I'm told Bayside High School's A.C. Slater is being recruited by Stansbury (The Harvard of the West) and that they've even offered him a car. Apparently, the Slater's big win over Nedick from Valley sealed the deal. No word on where Zach Morris is headed.

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