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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The 2009 OHS Hall of Fame Class

Congratulations to the most recent class of inductees into the Orrville Sports Hall of Fame. Some very familiar names in this years class, and certainly a group of names that are very familiar to me. Guess that means I'm getting older.

Here's this year's class....

Tom Reusser - Class of 96. Two time State champ (basketball).

Ernie Mello - Considered the face of the middle school football program for 20+ years.

Dave Vodika - Class of '69. Asst on 1998 Football title team.

Bill McMillan - 26 yrs coaching at OHS, 17 as head coach, 131 career wins, led Riders to their only football state title in 1998.

Dan Stultz - Class of '96, Continued career at Ohio St.

Bob Smucker - Class of '47.

Deanna (Caldwell) Edwards - Class of '01 - 4 time state track champ (100 & 200 in 2000 and 2001).

Melinda (Budd) Bates - Class of '78, current head golf coach at Waynedale

Norman Douglas - Class of '58.

The induction will be October 10th at the high school.

Here's a list of the past induction classes on the Orrville Booster Club website.

A couple of glaring omissions are two people who should be no-doubters, and hopefully their day is coming sooner rather than later, and that would be Renauld Ray and Marcel Denson. I realize that a part of the nomination process is actually being nominated...but in the case of these 2, it shouldn't take an official nomination.

Both were 2 sport stars, leading the Red Riders to a state final and state final four appearance in football and back to back state titles in basketball. Renauld was also part of a National Championship team at Youngstown St. Again, I hope the time is coming for both as early as the 2011 class.


Michael Falrey said...

Great class this year... couldnt agree more. Remember that I called a lot of those games and those were the most difficult because you never who was going to get the ball. Reusser in the backfield, Ray and Denson at the wideout. That old shot gun, spread offense was fun to watch and Ray and Denson were a huge part of it. You also got to think about Jared Zwick since he was the field marshall and put the ball in the spot it needed to be.
Love your blog buddy. Cant wait for football season when I am sure you will be in rare form.

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

Mr Farley,
Good to hear from you.

I forgot all about the broadcasting that you did with WBGC.

What was the station frequency...was it 91.9?

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome class don't get me wrong, but how can denson and ray be left off? throughout the history of orrville basketball there has been only 3 state championships, why aren't these teams in the hall of fame it makes no sense at all! who can i email to get the ball rolling on this matter?

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

Interesting point. Maybe the entire state title teams need to be inducted. I believe there's a nomination period before each class in announced. I'd maybe start with anyone affiliated with the Booster Club. I also think AD Smith sits on the OHS Hall of Fame Committee. Thanks for the comment.

Unknown said...

How in the heck can my buddies Renauld Ray and Marcell Denson along w/ Clenord Irby and Jared Zwick not get in...Tommy Reusser definitely deserves it too, but Renauld and Marcell were by far the best players on our back to back state title bball teams, and Jared was the leader of the very good football teams that just came up a bit short to 2 very incredible football teams in Bellaire and Valley View. Heck, I even think Shane Hartzler needs to get in from that class for his championship title in wrestling.

Jason Bowman

Michael Falrey said...

Yep, WBGC 91.9 then my later life as a stringer at the Daily Record and working at WQKT 104.5 FM and WTIG AM 990 doing basketball play by plat for "The Tiger". I had some cool jobs in college.

I left a key point out... Bunky and Renauld could have been inducted in either sport. Tremendous on the football field and basketball. I understand a move is afoot for next year to get them inducted or at least nominated. But for this Hall of Fame to maintain legitimacy they must have Ray, Denson and Jared Zwick. Of course these are my humble thoughts.

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

I think Shane will get his nomination soon.

It will be interesting to see if Justin Zwick gets nominated. He was the QB on our only state title team and put up huge numbers in 1999. But with the whole "transfer to Massillon" stuff, it may affect him getting nominated. Very sad if it happens that way. I know there are hard feelings (again, sadly) but hopefully his performance on the field is measured like all other nominees.

Anonymous said...

i know a few more people that should be in before some in that class

Anonymous said...

What a great class I see they starting to put some of the modern day athletes in there. But, not to put Renauld and Marcell in before Reusser and Stultz is crazy. How do you leave out agruably the two greatest athletes in the schools history. You have the all time leading scorer, rebounder, state player of the year, 2-time state champion. Ray went to state in 3 sports, top 5 scorer, all state in both sports, assist leader, 2 time state champion etc... Both brought Orrville Basketball to a ultimate level not only statewide but as I remember #22 ranked nationally. Tom Reusser was the heart and soul of that class so I dont mind that one but Dan Stultz are you kidding me? Whoever on this committee needs to re-evaluate their procedures and I agree with Farley to make this Orrville Hall of Fame legitimate these two needs in. I just hope the people of Orrville are not starting this "good ole boy" club with this hallof fame. Congratulations to the class of 2009.

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

I wouldnt call it a "good ole boy" thing. The people who deserve to be in it...are. And the ones left out will get their day.

You could argue for Stultz very easily. He's the best PK to ever come through Orrville, and easily deserves consideration given his success at OSU.

I hope that maybe the next time nominations are sought, that Marcel and Renauld's names are brought up often.

This is a call to participate more than anything else. Don't just assume a certain athlete will be nominated, take the time to be active in the process.

PS - You are correct that we were #22 in the USA today after winning our 2nd title in 1996.

Unknown said...

On top of the Renauld and Marcell discussion, I figured that Loren Burkey would have been a shoe-in for this class. Stellar football career (earned a scholarship to Toledo), multiple time state wrestling placer (3rd and 5th), and I believe (but I could be mistaken) a state track placer (for some reason I think he got 4th).

Corey said...

I went to Edison H.S., class of '97, and I had the pleasure of watching the Orrville fb teams that had Zwick, Rey, Denson, and Stultz. I also attended YSU and saw Rey and the Penguins beat McNeese St. for the NC. I hope the the Big 2 get their time to shine soon, b/c they were "dynamic" players.