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Monday, August 17, 2009

Gift to my Readers....99 Years of Red Rider

Been working on this for a long time. Behold...every result from every game the Orrville Red Rider football team has ever played. Every game since our first season in 1903. Every win, every loss, every tie, every playoff game.

I'm afraid I cannot take 100% of the credit for this. Part of the credit goes to local historian Mike Vasas. He published a book in the late 80's that's long been out of print. Some of you may even own's called A History of Wayne County High School Football (1899-1988), and contains every game played in Wayne County through 1988. The book is simply the authority on Wayne Co. Football history. I've heard rumblings of an updated version to include the past 20 years of data, but nothing solid. The backstory as to how I acquired this book is an interesting one.

I knew this book existed, from my early days doing this site, I knew I wanted to house the complete archives of Orrville Football, but the only copies known to me were at the library and they were reference copies. I needed a copy of my own if I was ever to make this a reality. Through my own research, I landed (or thought I landed) the author's email, but I never received a response to an inquiry. Some time went by and I thought the trail had gone dry....but then one day through one of my very connected resources, I discovered that the author of the book also sat on the board of the Wayne Co. Sports Hall of Fame as a historian, and now I had a phone number. I was so close I could taste it.

I contacted Mr. Vasas and he told me he had some copies in his attic, he dug them out, we met up and I bought 2 (autographed) copies from him. I could now begin the daunting task of inputting all of his work into a spreadsheet.

The files from 1989 to present day were researched and entered by me, as well as all of the editing, but let's not kid ourselves, the lion's share of the work was done by Mr. Vasas and he deserves a lot of credit for this endeavor even being a thought in my mind.

Currently, I have 1900 through 1989 uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Just go to the dropdown menu at the top of the page, hover on "Football" and then "Results by Decade" and select the decade you want to view.

Enjoy, and please notify me of any discrepancies or errors.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! Totally Terrific Tim.

Anonymous said...

Super Super Job, Tim!

That is just awesome to have those records available on line!

one question: the winning percentage for the 1920's, is that correct?

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

Jenni, always.

Thanks for the compliments.

The winning % for the 20's is correct. when counting the 13 ties, we won 42 and lost or tied 47 for the decade. I know what you're saying though....