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Friday, July 2, 2010

Mo at the Hall of Fame Ceremony

I wish, I wish, I wish I had video of this..Mo Tipton giving his OHSFCA Hall of Fame acceptance speech....maybe it will surface...but for now, we have to rely on the first-hand account provided by longtime Tipton assistant Gary Hutt.

His email was brief, but sounded like classic Mo......

I attended Mo's dinner last Friday night, some of the "stars" that attended were Thom McDaniels, who presented him for the Hall of Fame, a great introduction. Coach Tressel, Illinois coach Ron Zook, Coach Jim France (Manchester), Coach Hartman (Coventry assistant & OSU alum), Former Rider assistant Ernie Mello, Former Orrville assistant and recently retired Dalton coach Bob Ramsay, Coach Mac, and several other Orrville coaches and community...and more Tiptons than I thought were possible.

Mo's highlights included his singing "Oh what a beautiful morning" as his trademark start to 2-a-days. It shook the rafters and the crowd. Also, it was explained that the Hall of Famers would get their names carved in stone at Ohio Stadium inside gate 8. Mo seized the opportunity to speak directly at Coach Tressel and said "Hey Jimmy, can I get some tickets to get in so I can see my name?" I don't think Coach Tressel will ever be the same.

Orrville can be proud of the cowboy he is a real RED RIDER!!

I got nothing to add...vintage Mo.  I'm glad he got this honor, it was long overdue.  Thanks to Coach Hutt for sending this to me.  I love sharing this kind of stuff with everyone.

Pretty sure this completes his coaching resume.  Orrville Hall of Fame, Wayne Co. Hall of Fame and now Ohio Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame.  Well done, coach.


drvannostren said...

Congratulations to Coach Tipton for a well deserved honor. Nice work by Coach Hutt (leader of the "country club" tight ends) on reporting this to THE source for Red Rider sports.

Anonymous said...

Wow I had forgotten we were the Country Club tight ends in those days. But we put up numbers!!