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Monday, June 28, 2010

Wooster vs. Orrville....Saturday Night Fever?

I had this thought a few months ago. In my head, I said it would be cool if the 100th Wooster-Orrville football game was played on a Saturday. It would give fans more time to tailgate (or stand in the ticket line) and you wouldn't have to rush right from work to the game...especially a game of this significance.

I was all set to get up on my virtual soapbox and make the case for a Saturday night game.....then I bothered to check the schedule.'s on a Saturday.  So much for my great idea....and now that I think about it....maybe it's a good idea with one big issue.

Time to discuss.

The biggest issue......where do they plan to put all the fans?

Follis Field is a nice facility, but has a horribly small visitor section.  Any Orrville fan that has attended a game there knows this.  All the Orrville seats are spoken for at least 60 minutes before kickoff. 

Plain and simple, "The Game" always sells out, so where will all the "casual fans" from the other county schools going to sit?  Unless some serious temporary seating is brought in, there's going to be quite an overflow crowd. 

A normal Wooster-Orrville game on a Saturday night will draw a crowd, toss in the 100th meeting, Orrville going for 6 straight wins (had to throw that in) and the likely festivities around the game, and it has all the makings for a circus atmosphere.

Wooster's AD Keri Hamsher is an Orrville alum and knows what this game means in Red Rider I'm sure she'll do what's needed to acocmodate the crowd.

I guess I could attempt to be funny and say that there will be plenty of seats on the Wooster side, but they'll show up for this game too.  Maybe seats will open up after halftime when the band is done...sorry.

For the Buckeye fans out there, Ohio State plays at Minnestoa the same night.  8pm.

Mark your calendars...SATURDAY October 30, 2010 (missed Halloween by one day)....7pm...Charles W. Follis Field...Wooster, OH.

Question for the readers:  When was our last Saturday game during the regular season?  I'm guessing it was against Canton Timken back in the late 90's.  They share Fawcett Stadium with McKinley so some of their home games get bumped to Saturday when McKinley has a Friday night home game.

I spoke of this before...but this is when it'd be so great if the College of Wooster field had visitor seats.  The stadium seats as configured now seats 4500...but could seat 6000+ if it had something over in the woods.

Oh well....I couldn't convince anyone to move Wayne County's biggest rivalry out of the county could I?  Where o' where?

Your thoughts? Do you like it or not?  Indifferent?  That's fine too.

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