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Friday, September 3, 2010

About that "Triway never winning at Orrville" thing...They Have.

So much for the undefeated streak against Triway at Red Rider Stadium. It's happened already. The year was 1975. Read on for the full explanation.

I opened The Daily Record today to read the game preview, and it was "run of the mill" stuff....until the last line.  It read "Triway's only win at Orrville came in the 1975 season, 22-6." Whaaaaaaat??!!

My first thought was "that seems like it was written just for me to read."  Flattering really, but also very intriguing. 

I wasn't sure what else to think.  I knew my records said we lost the game, but had every bit of confidence that the game was at Triway, not Orrville. 

Our prior losses at Triway were in 2009, 2001, 1997, 1993...all odd numbered years.  There was never a break in the schedule, we played Triway every year from 1968 to 1998.  I was certain I had it right...but I needed to know for sure.

So I headed to the library and found this.
Home games were in CAPS.  Crap....I had it wrong.  Let the record of history show that the 1975 Triway Titans were the first (and only) Triway team to score a victory at Red Rider Stadium.

That hurt to type.  But I'm all about the truth.

Here's the article from that game.  The lead of the article confirms the location.

Congratulations won 1 game on our turf....a long, long time ago.  Let's start a new streak.  Triway hasn't won a game at Orrville since I've been born.  That works. 

Now that it's a matter of record....let's look at some pictures from that 1975 season and wash the bad taste out of our mouths.

First up...a picture from that Triway game.  Love the old Titan uniforms.

Secondly, a picture from "media day" prior to the start of the season

In case you can't read the caption...#24 is Coach Davault.  I would have used this picture regardless, but him being in it made it a no-brainer.  Love, love, love the striped socks and the shot of the old scoreboard in the background

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