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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Still here...and a Spring Sports Update

Not a lot of activity here gets in the way sometimes. I'm sure we all can relate to that.

Hearing good things from all four spring sports. Nice to see each get off to fast starts, and nice to see the weather not wreaking too much havoc. It's been cold, but not rainy or snowy to the point that too many games, meets or matches have been canceled.

Some interesting stuff coming up so let's get right to it.

This Saturday (10am) the boys baseball team travels to Akron's Canal Park to take on Coventry as a special day-long schedule of games. I believe Chippewa is the only other local team taking part in this, so it's good exposure for the Rider baseball team and gives them the rare chance to play on a minor league baseball field.

I'm told by head coach Scott Marshall that the game is free to attend, but the team is selling $3 vouchers good for admission to a future Akron Aeros game as part of the deal. Contact Kent Smith in the AD's office to inquire further. The team will also be receiving a $500 college scholarship for one senior member of the baseball team courtesy of the Akron Aeros.

If you know a player, consider buying a voucher or two from them, or head up to Akron this Saturday to support the Riders in person.

Rider tennis is off to a hot start as well, dropping only a match to Division 1 Wadsworth in the early going. They have a busy week with three matches (Ashland, Massillon and Lexington). All three are home matches and will be big tests for the Riders netters.

The annual Orrville Invite is this Saturday. Always one of the best meets around, and in speaking to Coach Mosley, a time when he starts looking at his kids to begin hitting their stride in terms of time and technique. As usual, Orrville has a good mix in both the track and the field events. Should be a fun day. Hopefully the weather holds out.

Hearing also that a new and improved track records board is in the process of being made for display at Red Rider Stadium of all the school-record times and distances in boys and girls track. We've had some amazing track athletes over the years, so a record at Orrville is a big deal, and deserves the proper appreciation. I'd like to get a list of all the current school records in track for viewing on this site...hopefully I can get that done before season's end.

I know the economy still stinks (although there's been some good news coming out of Orrville lately, so that's good) and gas prices are killing everyone, but spring sports are free to watch (not sure about track, but know the others are), so make a night of it and go support the baseball, softball, tennis and track teams.

Oh, about the new Orrville city logo that got unveiled at the Chamber banquet the other night....really like the new look.

Classic and simple...very well done. Kudos to the Chamber and the folks on the committee who settled on the design.

I had absolutely nothing to do with it, but I'm told that in the process of the blog posts I did a few months ago on the birth of the Red Rider nickname, the old Courier article from the 1960's that referenced the origin of the Red Rider also contained a variant of the "Progress and Tradition" slogan in the very same that's pretty cool.

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