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Monday, March 28, 2011

Here's a color version of that 1960 Orrville Football photo...

Remember this from a post last week...

The 1960 football captains, (left to right) Dick Geitgey, Tom Anderson, Tyrone Barnett and Gary Spevere.

In the post, I said the only thing that would make it better would be to see a color version of the picture.

Thanks to the magic of computers and the efforts of a blog reader, we now can get an idea of what this picture looked like in vivid color.


How cool is that?  Thanks to Matt Birkbeck for the time and effort spent on adding color.  Great work, Matt..and exactly what this site has come to be about.

Pretty sure the pants at the time were red like the jerseys, but the shadowing of the picture makes it hard for the red color to stand out.

Again, can't stress enough how good this shot would look in the fall sports program.

Any other outstanding pictures floating around in yearbooks?  Send them my way and I'll get them posted.  Always neat to look at old uniforms, styles and the overall evolution that the sport has taken over the decades.

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