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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another Great Orrville Football Photo...

Photo first, then some background and details. (Click to see full size photo)

Beautiful, am I right?

Some details.....

The picture was taken in 1960, the first year Red Rider Stadium was used for football games (note the new looking bleachers in the background).  The players pictured were (left to right) Dick Geitgey, Tom Anderson, Tyrone Barnett and Gary Spevere.  After reviewing the list of Orrville Sports Hall of Fame inductees, all but Spevere are members of the hall.

On other thing, these four were called captains by the person who sent the photo.  My captains list only shows Barnett and Anderson as captains.  Can someone confirm that Geitgey and Severe were also captains?  If so, I need to update my records.

Love, love, love the shoulder striping on those jerseys.  I know there's a program out there that can colorize black and white photos, but I'm not an expert in that field...but if anyone is, take a shot at it.  That's the only thing that would make this picture better, a colorized version.

Apparently, there are plans in the works to recreate this picture on fall sports picture day.  If there aren't official plans..then there should be.  Whoever the photog is and the four football captains have officially been put on notice.

So now we also know when the first Orrville/Wooster game played at Red Rider Stadium was.  The year was 1961.  If the field was first used in 1960, and that year's game was in Wooster, the game #1 at the corner of Ella and Mineral Spring St. was in 1961.  By my records, since 1961, Orrville is 13-11-1 against Wooster at Red Rider Stadium.

Thanks to Jenni Reusser for sending this my way.  In her words, she didn't want the photo to "get lost in the archives."  Hopefully it will enjoy a new life in a digital format.

Anyone else have some great old pictures to share, feel free. Email address is above under the "Home" tab.


Anonymous said...


As I thought about it, I think that "back then" there were typically only two captains. So your records are probably correct. Now that we're used to often having four, my immediate assumption was that this was taken as a Captains photo.

I'm sure someone out there will know.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hard to find a better old Red Rider picture than that one. Ty Barnett and Tom Anderson were the captains. And that was a great team, losing only to Wooster when both were undefeated. And first game in the present stadium was in 1958. (vs Norwayne).

Anonymous said...

You should submit that on the comments section of someone on there would probably colorize it for you.

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

A colorization has already been submitted to me....a few tweaks need made but i fully plan to show it in the next few days. Keep checking back.

But yes...I had thought about UniWatch.