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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Get your Orrville Football Spirit Wear....

Thought I'd pass this along for anyone wanting some new gear before the start of another football season (which is coming real soon).

The All-Sports Booster Club will be partnering with Expert T's of Orrville for the sale of Red Rider merchandise at home football games this year. I think it's a great marriage and let's each organization stick to what they know best.

Check out the flyer/order form with the main design for the upcoming football season.

T-Shirt Order Form

Pay close attention to the deadline date for t-shirt orders. It's August 18th, so you only have another week or so to get them ordered. Probably the easiest way to get your hands on one is to stop in to Expert T's and place your order in person.

All apologies to every other fall sport, but this is just for football. The great thing about Kevin & Monica Summers at Expert T's is they can pretty much make whatever you want them to. So if your thing is volleyball, they can make an Orrville Volleyball shirt. Same with golf, soccer, cross country and tennis or tiddly-winks.

Kevin said he's got a few other designs on display at his store...and he passed these pictures on to me to share with you.

Pretty nice if you ask me.  I like that they're not specific to any one sport, so they can be worn year-round.

I'm also hearing that the Booster Club will be selling some leftover merchandise at the Downtown Tailgate Party on Thursday August 18th at 50% off or more.

Proceeds from both sales will benefit the Booster Club, which provides support to ALL Orrville sports programs.

Get 'em while they're hot....and support a local business in the process.

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