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Monday, August 29, 2011

Orrville Football: Thoughts after Week 1

Not going to dive too deep into analysis. A win is a win. And in week 1, all I could have asked for is a win, so it should end there.

But some observations from a convincingly, if at times, sloppy 41-27 win over Northwest.

Pic at right courtesy of Rod Dilyard Photography.  A complete gallery from the game can be found here.  Thanks to Rod for again providing this service.

Got your antacid ready?
They should give out Pepto Bismol (or extra strong coffee to keep us awake if every game is going to be this long) at the entrance of Orrville games. The Riders certainly do know how to make us sweat it out. I don't know that I was in panic mode after spotting Northwest 14 first quarter points, but I didn't like what I saw. There's only so many times you can spot teams a two touchdown lead and live to tell about it. We did that a few too many times for my liking last year, and continued that trend last Friday. The good teams we face will make us pay for those mistakes.

That said, I thought the team responded well. We didn't abandon our game plan and after Mason Monheim's bruising run late in the first quarter, I think everyone had the thought that they were going to be OK.

It says something about this team's potential (or how Rider teams have spoiled us over the years) that they put 41 points on the board and not be happy with it.

Line Passes First Test
Thought for as inexperienced as we heard our offensive and defensive line was coming into the season, that they performed very well against a Northwest line that had more size and experience than them. They won't be bigger than most lines they face this year, so this was a good sign.

Talent Wins Out
It was mentioned by Coach Davault after the game that we're going to win games this year on the backs of our skills players, and we saw that in action with playmakers Mason Monheim, Drew Brenner and Stewart Turner all having big nights. But what was most encouraging is that 6 different Red Riders found the end zone. Aside from the three mentioned above, Kyle Lichti had a rushing TD, Dylan Lemon caught a TD and Trevor Summers picked off Northwest QB Nick Riley and showed off his wheels, returning it for an 18 yard TD.

Teams are going to focus on Monheim, Brenner and Turner a lot this season, but it's nice to know we have other weapons too.

Root for Northwest
Now that the Indians are in our rear view mirror, time to root for them the rest of the way. They have a tough schedule as an independent, but each and every win will help us with valuable computer points.

Things to Come?
File this under 'Useless Information,' but since 1980, the Riders have scored more than 30 points in an opener 10 times.  In the previous 9 seasons they did this, they qualified for the playoffs in 8 of 9 seasons.  If you take last Friday's offensive output in a nutshell, it bodes well for the rest of the season.

For what it's worth, an Orrville team has NEVER started the season with back to back 40 point efforts.  Not saying we will this year, just that there's a chance.

Good night for the OCC as a conference, 7 of the 8 teams win, with Ashland dropping a surprisingly lopsided game to Wadsworth.  Gives credence to the consensus that the conference is going to be very competitive this year. 

Up next: Triway
It's Triway week, and the Titans are coming off a tough 20-7 loss to West Holmes.  The Titans are young but any game at the Football Pit is a tough one.  They'll be ready, and the Riders better be too.

Hoobler to Start for IU
College football starts up this weekend, and most big schools publish a depth chart in advance of the game.  The Indiana Hoosiers take on Ball State this weekend, and starting at strongside linebacker for the Hoosiers is 2010 OHS grad Chase Hoobler.  Pretty impressive for a (redshirt) freshman.

Plybon in Governors Rotation
2011 OHS grad Hillary Plybon saw action in Austin Peay's first weekend of games (team went 1-2 on the weekend).  Their website lists us as the Red "Raiders" but I guess we'll let that slide for now.  Just another in an impressive line of volleyball recruits that have come out of Orrville in the last several years.

Hiller and Gull Lake
OHS grad Tim Hiller dropped his debut as coach of the Gull Lake Blue Devils last Friday, losing to Otsego by a 28-7 score.  They'll be on the road this week at Paw Paw.

Another Blogging Project
Doing a little side blogging for the Ohio-centric message board OhioChatter (  Who knows what it will turn into, just thought it would be fun.  Check out my first entry here.


Anonymous said...

tim i have to say the team was greaT, sloppy but to be expected first game. I have to admit thought the lights are very disappointing. I thought they would be much better, but they made the bleachers almost pitch black and then field didnt look much better. In most football stadiums you see many more lights, we look like we are trying to light a patio here and its very disappointing. Hopefully the scoreboard will be better. BRING BACK THE OLD LIGHTS!!!

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

The point of the new lights is to light the field, not the bleachers. from end zone to end zone, the field was lit. I guess everyone's entitled to an opinion, but these lights were a big improvement.
And yes, there are less lights, but they put our more light and do a better job of lighting the field than the old ones.
Hopefully a scoreboard that didn't cost you or I a dime can be appreciated for what it is, and not what everyone expects it to be.

Anonymous said...

We had an entire team effort for sure, but Coach D preaches year after year that it will be our senior leadership that dictates how far the team goes. When the chips weren't falling our way it was nice to see those seniors leading the way back on the field and the sideline. Rest of the team just jumped right in.

Anonymous said...