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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Here's that Bob Knight/ESPN video filmed in Orrville

Orrville never looked so good, huh?

If you missed it, here it is. Orrville's own Bob Knight, former Indiana University head basketball coach, former Texas Tech head basketball coach, current ESPN college basketball analyst and forever a Red Rider, comes back to his hometown with an ESPN camera crew to talk about growing up in Jellytown.

Click 'play' above to play the clip.  Readers who get their updates via email will probably have to click here to see the clip.

I had heard he made stops at Buehler's and the Orrville Public Library along with what was shown in the clip at the Orr Park basketball courts and at the high school.

The piece of him helping the Orrville boys team at practice is classic Coach Knight. Forever a teacher. Say what you will about his methods, but you don't win the games and championships he has without being an excellent teacher of the game.

What a thrill for Coach Slaughter, his staff and the team to experience this.

The end of the clip was what I took away the most from the segment..."Learning to win, and learning how to win is very important."  Amen.  In a society that is increasingly becoming anti-competitive, and everyone wanting the same result regardless of the effort they put in, that's a refreshing quote from Coach Knight

Hard work & competition pays off...and it paid off for Coach Knight while he was a player at OHS and Ohio State, and in his coaching career and to this day at ESPN.

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