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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Turf Update - Week 2 - Day 6

Stopped by the field this past Saturday and wanted to share a few items with you as the project prepares to enter it's 3rd week of work. Week 3 will see the stone base put down as well as a fabric liner to aid in drainage and to also separate the dirt base from the stone base.

Remember, fundraising it still ongoing.  We're still hoping to raise several hundred thousand dollars in order to fully pay for the turf project, any associated costs/overruns and to possibly seed other projects at the stadium to be done in the future.  You can give right now at by using your credit/debit card through PayPal or print out a pledge card and mail in your payment.

 One thing I noticed right away was that the sleeves for the new goal posts were installed and secured, and what was odd is that there was only one sleeve, not two as I had expected to see.  If you recall, I mentioned that the new goal posts would be "H" style posts (like these) that would double as soccer goals and as football goal posts.

In talking to folks associated with the project, I'm now told that the new goal posts will be the "one post" style similar to what was at the field prior and the soccer goals will be portable that can be moved on and off the field.

I think this is good.  Wouldn't have really cared either way, but the "one post" traditional football goal posts give any stadium that extra bit of style that sets it apart.

I believe that the goal posts will be installed possibly this week as the stone work begins.

Update on Turf Install
I mentioned this in my last update, but wanted to update my update.  I'm hearing that the turf crew could possibly be here to begin the actual turf install by mid to late July, but it's dependent on a few things and one of these things have nothing to do with Orrville.  Notre Dame Cathedral Latin high school in Chardon is also getting turf and the same crew that is doing their turf, will also do ours...but they are farther along in the process so the turf crew will go there first then come to Orrville.

Once they arrive, the actual turf install will take 2 1/2 to 3 weeks.  So even if they get delayed until the first part of August (which is very possible)...the turf would still be in place several weeks before the first home game with Triway....but don't forget, there's still a track to tear out and install too.  I'm guessing every day between now and September 7th will be needed.

Other Stadium News
I didn't get a picture of this, but I did notice that the underside of the home bleachers are getting a fresh coat of paint.  This was way overdue at the bleachers were beginning to show some rust.  The two storage sheds between the home bleachers and the concession stand also got a fresh coat of paint.

These are 2 small projects but ones that go a long way to making the whole facility look it's best.

The next two pictures are just shots of the field as a whole before stone starts being put down this week.

Amazing how flat the field is compared to what it was just a few weeks ago.

Finally, here's a panorama from a different angle. This shot shows the view from the north endzone. You can really get a feel for how flat the field now is.

No Fireworks Viewing
I was asked by folks at OHS to pass along the note that Red Rider Stadium will NOT be open for fireworks viewing this year.  Apparently the visitor side of the stadium provided some good views of the annual display, but due to the condition of the stadium (construction equipment, materials, etc.) school officials feel that for everyone's safety, the gates will be locked that night.

A Blessed Community
I saw this posted the other day and it just got me thinking how blessed we've been in the last few years with our educational and athletic facilities in Orrville and just how supportive the business community and citizens and alumni of Orrville have been.  Just take a look at this list....

New Elementary School
New Middle High School
New High School (in progress)
$1 million OHS auditorium renovation (in progress)
$1 million+ multi-purpose building
Renovation of OHS Fleet Brenneman baseball field
New visitor bleachers at Red Rider Stadium
New home bleacher coverings at Red Rider Stadium\
New lights at Red Rider Stadium
New Scoreboard at Red Rider Stadium
New turf and track and Red Rider Stadium
New bleachers and renovations at main softball field (Mizer Field)
New bleachers at OHS Bob Knight Gym

Just amazing to look at all that and know that it's happened within the last 6 years.  Even more amazing to think of the project on that list that have been done with private money (not taxpayer money).

More coming this week...thanks to everyone's positive comments and positive thoughts toward this project. Let's keep the momentum rolling!

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