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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Turf Update - Week 2 - Update from the Contractor

There's not a lot of visible work going on right now at the field, but lots of smaller tasks are being completed in preparation for the stone drainage base and the arrival of the turf.

Below is an update from Brad at Maumee Bay Turf on what is going on this week and next.

As far as the financial aspect of the last report, the project has just crossed over the $500,000 mark of committed funds.  That means we're close, but not yet at the finish line.  Thank you to those who have already given and to those considering it.  There is no such thing as too small of a donation...every bit helps. 

Head over to and donate today.

Here's the update on the project...sorry if you've already read this because I believe it was sent out to the Booster Club email list.
  • The subgrade and perimeter drain installations are complete. The field and drains handled this week's excessive rainfall wonderfully - always good to see the drains perform well before stone base is installed.
  • Curb cut went far better than expected and looks fantastic.
  • B&K Concrete (from Marshallville) will be on site today to install goal post sleeves, repair curbs and pour missing section of curb.
  • We found a sleeve under the track so we saved the cost of a bore - always nice to see a gain !
  • Burkey Excavating (from Smithville) will install geotextile fabric, flat panel drains and stone base next week - will take a full week.
  • Thanks to Orrville Trucking & Grading for all of their help, (fantastic stone price and a place to dump topsoil and broken concrete) - a huge help!
  • Electricians will be in this week to install sleeves and field boxes for future track timing systems - thanks to Josh Klein at Delta Timing for his help laying this out.
  • Turf was ordered yesterday (June 19th).
  • The turf crew will be letting me know within week when they will mobilize - they are currently installing field for University of Arkansas.
  • Vasco Sports Contractors (from Massillon) will move in week of June 25th or after to pour field event (long jump & pole vault) runways.  When they conclude, we will be ready for turf install crew to move in. 
  • The turf install crew will let me know in next 7-10 days when they will mobilize as they are at the University of Arkansas finishing that project now.  There may be a brief one or two week lull in between base construction and turf install.
Note how many local companies are being used in this project...many of whom are providing their services at a significant discount.  Great to see local companies supporting Orrville students.

Also neat to read of work being done to benefit the track program.  An automated timing device will be big in helping get back the district track meet that was moved away from OHS this year due to the overall condition of the track.

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