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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Turf Project Update: Week 6 - Carpet has arrived!

As of July 18th, two truckloads of artificial turf have been delivered to Red Rider Stadium.

This means the install crew is not far behind and that we're one step closer to seeing the vision of turf become a reality.

See below for pictures and a video of what the turf install process will probably look like.

***IMPORTANT: I wanted to first pass on a note from the turf committee.  During the actual turf installation, it is very important that interested onlookers do not venture out onto the field itself unless you have permission.  The reason is that the track will soon begin the 2nd phase of it's installation process which will involve laying down a latex coating on top of the existing asphalt.  This is a multi-step process and to ensure the proper drying and curing of the track, no foot traffic can travel across the track.

The field area is currently being covered in what the contractor is calling stone "dust," a fine aggregate top coat that is the final step in preparing the base of the field before the turf begins to be laid down.

The new long jump run on the north end of the field has been poured, as has the new pole vault pit on the south end of the field where it's always been.  It's currently just concrete, but will be overlayed with asphlat and latex just like the 8-lane track.

If you notice the pictures of the long jump area, it's very long, running basically from one side of the field to another...and I've heard this is on purpose.  It's rumored that the OHSAA plans to add triple jump as an event in the near future, and the length of our long jump runway would meet the length required to be used for the triple jump also.

The video below is what the install of the turf will probably look like.  I thought it would be neat to share.  The good stuff starts at about 1:10. Notice how the turf is laid down in 5-yard strips, and then another 5-yard strip goes over it...the two are sewn together and then the entire 10-yard strip is flipped right side up.  Pretty simple really, but very labor intensive.  Email subscribers will need to click here to view the video.

Here's one more panorama.  This might be the last one until the turf install begins.

Please, Please, Please continue to support this project.  We're so close to meeting our goal.  If you've already given (thank you!), please share this with family and friends...and if you haven't given, please consider doing so.  An updated donor list is here (and also at the top of the page)...we've over $600,000 in donations from right around 125 donors.

Plans are in the works for a permanent recognition area to honor all those who gave to this project, and while the committee isn't putting a "deadline" on gifts, we're thinking that by the first game on the night of August 31st, donations will really tail off, so if gifts could be made in the next 6 weeks, that would be great.  Again, please visit to print a pledge card or to give online via PayPal.

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