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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Turf Update - Week 7 - Bleacher Wrap Install Begins

The above artist's rendering made the rounds on the Orrville Alumni Association's Facebook page last week but this is the first I've mentioned it here. It's been in the works for a while now, but just a few weeks ago became official and installation began today.

See below for more info on this product, and some updated turf pictures.

What you see is a product called "Bleacher Jersey" and it's marketed and sold by a Massillon area company called Gameday Renovations.  They partner with Miller Weldmaster out of Navarre to produce the wraps which are made of vinyl.  They've installed their product at several Stark County high schools like Tuslaw, Massillon, Jackson, and most familiar to Orrville fans, at Northwest & Medina High Schools.

It's purpose at Orrville is two-fold.  One is to provide and improved look to the back of the bleachers.  It's another renovation to the facility just like the new bleachers, the new scoreboard and the new track.  It will also promote school and community pride.  The second purpose of the wrap is to give recognition to the field naming rights sponsor, Serpentini Chevrolet-Buick.

By this coming Friday or early next week, the finished product should be on display for everyone to see.  I think it's another great addition to Red Rider Stadium.  The facility has undergone quite a transformation and in my opinion, it's all been positive.

In regards to the design itself...I'm sure we could ask 100 different people how they would have designed the bleacher wrap and we'd get 100 different answers.  Some would like it, some wouldn't.  I think the thing to keep in mind that this was a generous donation from Serpentini's to the turf project and this is the way they will be recognized for their generosity.  It's a great partnership, Serpentini gets community goodwill and some exposure to promote their business and their financial support helped the turf project happen.

Turf Progress
Yesterday started the tedious work of adding the details to the turf, but the crew continues working at amazing speed to get this project done. 

As you'll see below, work was completed on the field numbers and they got started on the hash marks.  Each set of hashmarks (one on each sideline, and two down the middle of the field) has 80 strips of white turf that has to be cut and glued down.
Work will continue on that today and then move on to endzone lettering, the midfield logo and the soccer lines.
Once that is done, the rubber pellet infill will be sprinkled across the entire field....almost 400,000 POUNDS of infill will be added to give the field cushion.

The last picture shows the field goal posts being installed.  Contrary to what I was told at the outset of the project, soccer goals will be separate and moved into place on days when there are home soccer matches.

That's all for now...please remember that we are still seeking funds to fully pay for this project which includes the field, the bleacher wrap, new fencing (to protect the investment) and money to construct a recognition space for the donors of this project that will also double as a space to honor past Red Rider football coaching legends.


Anonymous said...

Are there plans to place a "Red Rider" logo in the center of the field?

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

The Red Rider logo was considered but all the detail involved would have significantly added to the cost of the project so a basic block O was decided on.