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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Computer Points - Region 13 - Week 5

Click here for the latest Harbin Computer Points for Division IV - Region 13, and results from all weeks of play.

It's amazing how the good teams are always there at the end, that is what is starting to happen in this region.

After 19 of the 30 region teams lost, things are really starting to take shape, and the perrennial playoff teams are assuming their rightful place at the top of the region.

Mooney held on to the top spot in the region, followed by Manchester, who was helped by a treasure chest worth of second level points. Steubenville, Tuslaw and CVCA round out the top 5.

Akron St V, Perry, Coshocton, Triway and Girard round out the top 10.

In my humble opinion, 7 of the 8 spots are basically locked up, with the 8th spot to be decided among Triway, LaBrae, Orrville and Coshocton.

First level point potential favors Orrville, as they have 3 games against D2 opponents, 1 D1 opponent and 1 D3 opponent. In terms of 2nd level points, Triway is a clear favorite. As long as D5 Waynedale and D3 Manchester continue winning, the Titans will continue to benefit.

Week 6 game of the week will pit CVCA and Tuslaw in a battle of unbeatens. The two teams are currently tied for the 4th spot in the region. This matchup has both playoff and league title implications.

Orrville news: The Riders lost a golden opportunity to score a mountain of computer points with a loss to D2 Lexington. The Riders are beginning to travel down the same road as they did in 2007, needing to win at least 7 to have a real shot at the post-season. Looking ahead to this week's 2nd level points potential does not paint a very pretty picture, Triway is at Fairless (winnable), Copley is at Revere (doubtful) and Clear Fork is at Lexington. Copley may only win 1 more game this season. (doubtful).

Plain and simple, the Riders need to win 8 to assure themselves of their 20th playoff berth.

It is quite possible that the Riders will need a week 10 win over arch rival Wooster (currently 4-1) to secure the playoff berth. A win over the Generals would be worth 22 second level points right now, and it's likely that they will come into the Orrville game with at least 6 wins, possibly 7, thus increasing the potential 2nd level points.

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