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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Orrville Football: All-Time Opponents Record

Further entrenching myself as a complete stat geek, here's a list of every opponent the Red Riders have ever played, and their respective record against each. Want to know our all-time record against Wooster? Dover? Cloverleaf? Massillon? This is your place.

Here's the entire list (seriously, is there anything better than a clean PDF file? I submit to you that there is not.) I especially enjoy looking at our all-time results against other county teams, specifically, the WCAL teams. We've never played Smithville (surprisingly) or Hillsdale, but against the other WCAL teams, we're a solid 49-8-3 (81.6%).

Our top 5 opponents in terms of games played are as follows.
1. Wooster - 99 games
2. Millersburg/West Holmes - 85 games
3. Wadsworth - 77 games
4. Mansfield Madison - 40 games
5. Triway - 37 games

What's neat about that list, is that 4 of those 5 teams are currently on our schedule, and the 5th, Wadsworth, could be easily added, and would automatically be added if Orrville ever jumped from the OCC to the Suburban League.

Amazingly, or maybe not so amazing, we've only played one out of state team, Erie East from Pennsylvania, the game was played in 1970.

I'd love for this information to appear in the fall sports program, it's the simplest piece of our football history. Anyone tied to the athletic department or the Booster Club that would like to discuss, please contact me. I would love to share this information with all Rider fans.

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