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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Media Blitz continues....

(Note: This is about a week late, but wanted to lump a few items together).

If you're in or around Orrville, be sure to pick up the most recent Orrviews, your fearless blogger now appears in print, and on the cover no less. And in this past Friday's Daily Record, I was the "guest picker" in their weekly picks for local, college and pro games.

I'm one stage interruption on a major awards show away from generating some major buzz. There's always the OHS Hall of Fame Induction......(kidding).

Tough to write about losing to Triway, but I did my best to be positive about it. The pictures looked great (courtesy of Scott Ferrell Photography) and I had blast covering the game.

The issue to hit stands this Friday (Sept. 25th) will feature 2 from the Lexington game, and the other about Tim Hiller.

Here's the article (part 1...part 2) on the Triway game if you live out of the area, or just prefer your reading in a digital format. Not expecting the Pulitzer, but it's nice to contribute to the record of history, especially Orrville Football History.

I've gained such an appreciation for local writing as I've made my way through the Orrville Playoff History series on this site. Without the folks that took pictures and wrote articles for the old Courier Crescent, there would be a huge void in Red Rider sports history.

If you saw the Daily Record football picks this past Friday, you saw my ugly mug peek out from behind the computer for a little face time (thank goodness for thumbnail sized pictures!). I did reasonably well on a tough week of pics (dang Browns!!). I hope I brought some class to that "Guest Picker" position.

Some may call this oversaturation....I just call is savvy marketing. Look out Bargain Hunter, you're next!!

Enjoy....hopefully there's more to come.

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Anonymous said...

You continue to entertain, amuse and inform me. That's what good writers do! Should I be thanking Joyce Fast for all this?