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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Week 3: Copley @ Orrville

Who: Orrville Red Riders (0-2) vs. Copley Indians (2-0)
Where: Red Rider Stadium, Orrville
When: Friday September 11th, 7pm

All Time Series: Orrville leads 23-12 (Click here for detail)
Last Meeting: 2008 (Orrville won 24-14)
Last Week: Orrville lost to Triway,28-14, Copley beat Cleve. JFK, 28-0.

Coaches: Doug Davault is in his 4th year as Orrville head coach, his overall record is 23-12. Ron Viscounte is in his 3rd year at Copley with an overall record of 6-16.

This game has a few interesting subplots....the first and most obvious is the fact that Copley comes into the game undefeated for the first time since the 2005 Delone Carter (currently at Syracuse) led team that went 9-3 and lost to state semi-finalist Tallmadge in the playoffs. The Riders were throttled that night by both Carter and Copley, to the tune of 48-21.

I'm not discounting Copley's 2-0 record, but one of those wins came against a Cleveland Senate League team, not exactly a powerhouse. But what is impressive is the fact that Copley's defense has given up only 6 points through the first 2 weeks. Copley is always big and strong, some years they seem to have more talent than others, and I think this is one of those years. They return RB Dom Dixon (4 TD's through 2 games), WR Martel Durant and their entire offensive line from last year. WR Shawn Taylor and freshman (FRESHMAN!!) Argeros Turner have also made an early impact for the Indians.

The next storyline is the very real possibility of Orrville starting the season 0-3, something that hasn't been done in a very long time. It's been nearly 20 years since an Orrville football team started 0-3. 1991 was the year, and we started 0-4 that year before we beat Medina Buckeye, 34-29. Not even the most ardent Orrville detractor saw this team starting 0-3, yet we're another bad game away from that happening....and that would all but eliminate the Riders' post season chances, and that's not a discussion any team should be having this early in the season.

The final, and probably least important storyline is that of Ron Viscounte. The longtime assistant at Lake was a finalist to replace Coach Mac back in 2006, but Doug Davault was chosen over Viscounte. I'm sure he'd love to nab his first win over a school that passed him by for a coaching position....but I'm sure he'd love being 3-0 even more.

The Riders have as close to a full roster as they've had since week 1, welcoming back Sam Miller to the lineup. Miller hopes to have an impact all ove the field, as a WR/DB and on special teams as well.

I'm 0-2 on predictions this more loss and I just may have to scrap this predictions whole thing.

But not this week. Riders get off the "schnide" and get win #1. 28-19.

I think the Daily Record sides with the locals this week, but with less gusto than the 9-0 prediction from the Triway game. Maybe 6-3 or even 5-4 this week. (For the record, we were picked by a 7-2 margin) says Orrville 24-14...but they've been wrong for 2 weeks what do they know? About as much as me.

Beacon Journal staff is split 2-2 on the game.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know a good website to check scores?

I'm in PA so I don't get much Ohio high school football coverage out here. :)


Dean J.

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

The best site for scores all over Ohio is They have a Friday Night Scoreboard feature that is pretty can search by team name, conference and computer region.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! No updates this week? (per twitter)

Does that mean the Triway-purple banner for TWO weeks??

Say it ain't so!

Dean J.

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

No Twitter updates, still planning on updating the site as usual....the Triway colors will be off by tonight.

Of course, we won with purple, maybe I'll leave it.

Then again, maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Now let's not get too crazy here, Tim!

I think the red and black would serve us well for the big game this weekend.

Dean J.