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Monday, March 23, 2009

2009-10 Boys Basketball Schedule

Interesting little find over at, seems the 2009-10 boys basketball schedule has been posted for anyone to view.

Prepare yourself for amazing-ness......

Prepared?? Ok, check it out HERE.

Some very interesting developments...lets review.

1. A game against Smithville at the WQKT/Steve Smith Holiday Classic. Finally, a worthy opponent at the Smitty. Mark your calendars....Saturday December 19th, 8:00pm.

2. Read #1 again.......let it sink in.

3. The typical Cleveland team to open the season is being replaced by the Whippets from Shelby High School.

4. Canton Timken is no longer on the schedule, taking their place is a home game with Wadsworth.

5. Final game of the season is a conference game at Wooster.

6. Northwestern (Away), Triway (Away), Akron East (in addition to Smithville, Wadsworth and Shelby) make up our non-conference schedule.

Take it for what it's worth, but this seems to be a sure thing. Orrville High School links to for schedule information.

I'm sure the Daily Record will pick up on it soon enough, as usually around late March or April, the full slate of games for the Smitty Classic is announced.

In my opinion, this game is a year late, but Smithville has 2 starters back from this years team, and with Derek Orr hopefully returning, Smithville will be anything but depleted....and will be more than ready to prove themselves.

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