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Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Pats....and Good luck Smithies!!

The green like? Ok, it will take some getting used to....Ok, it's kind of hard on the eyes.....OK, it ain't staying any longer than it has to, but for a few days, the Red Rider Sports Blog will go green, for two reasons.

1. To celebrate St. Pat's Day....even though it's horribly overrated.

2. To support the Green Machine that is the Smithville Smithies boys basketball team as they look to take the next step towards a regional title and state final four berth.

We may......MAY have some Orrville news to discuss in the coming days, and we'll get to all that in due time.....but for now, we'll go green and support our neighbors to the Northwest.

Hope to see everyone at the Fieldhouse on Wednesday. I remember in Orrville's runs to state titles, we always had good support from county schools. This is our chance to return the favor. Saw plenty of Orrville support last Friday when Smithville and Triway locked up...including a few players, one that may or may not have his point totals tracked on this very site.

Hey look...even the comment button is green.

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