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Friday, March 20, 2009

Fawcett Stadium Pressbox Renovation

Disclaimer: This post is not Orrville related (well, not totally Orrville related, but I'll work something in). Adjust your reading accordingly. If you're looking for my take on the recent resignation of our basketball coach, look elsewhere. I stated my opinion, a decision was made, the program has plenty of healing to do, we'll see where it goes. Let's move on.

In my recent drives to Canton, I've noticed some construction going on at Fawcett Stadium, home of Canton McKinley, Timken, Walsh and Malone Colleges, the OHSAA State Football Championships and many Orrville playoff victories (see, I knew I could relate it back to us).

What could easily be mistaken for a small skyscraper, is nothing more than a 3-story, $3.2 million dollar pressbox renovation. Ho-hum I guess.

Check it out....

The picture is a computer generated model of what the new pressbox will look like. Notice how the new pressbox will span 3 entire seating sections (52 yards worth of length). Now here's a picture of the old pressbox. From this vantage point, it appears that the old pressbox only took up about 2 seating sections (one in the middle and half of the 2 on either side).

Here's a completely awesome PDF of the detailed building plans. Looks like the media (radio & TV) will be housed on the first level, while coaches will be stationed on Level 2, and level 3 will be a covered hospitality area, with VIP seating.

I see no designated area for bloggers, though. I guess the struggle continues.

There seems to be some cush spots for network TV and TV production on the 2nd floor. I guess when the NFL is writing the check, they can do what they want. You didn't think that this was Canton City Schools money did you?

Lastly, check out the private suites for the administrators of teams participating in the OHSAA title games. Indoors, temperature controlled, possible food & drink options....where do I sign?

Your move Massillon. Time to up the ante. Let's get that DREAM project rolling again. Scandel-schmandel. We demand plush facilities.

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