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Thursday, March 5, 2009

OHS Basketball Wrap-Up

Basketball season is officially over at OHS, as both boys and girls teams lost in tournament play.

The boys lost the sectional semifinal to 2nd seed Minerva, 62-57 and the girls lost in the district semifinal to Manchester.

The girls finished 17-5, while the boys finished 13-8...let's look at a few things a little deeper.

The boys team lost their first tournament game for the 2nd time in 3 years, and lost in the sectional round for the 5th time in the 7 year tenure of Coach Short.

Our tournament record under Coach Short slipped to 7 win and 7 losses, and Orrville's streak without a district title is now 13 years.

My Thoughts
Might as well put it out there, I think the program needs a change of leadership. Our style of play does not lend itself well to success in the tournaments, and I feel our teams are not reaching their potential. We seem to make the same mistakes in game 1 was as we do in the final game of the season, and our play from game to game is inconsistent at best. Our offensive approach leaves so much to be desired, we would be such a dangerous team if we could run a half court set as good as we press (not the lazy press, the press we saw in the 3rd quarter against Minerva).

We may never have talent like we had in our state title teams of the 90's, but that doesn't mean the cupboard is bare. This was our 5th year of 7 losses or more in a season, and we're still seeking our first piece of an OCC title 6 years into being a part of the league.

Final Wasson Watch
Zach Wasson only scored 3 points in the loss to Minerva, putting his 2 year point total at 591 (13.7 ppg over 43 games). At his current pace, he would end up 6th on Orrville's all-time scoring list, finishing between Orville greats Tom Bolyard (1277) and Bob Knight (1104). If his pace of rebounding continues, he should end up around 3rd in all-time rebounds, behind Marcell Denson (782) and Anthony Durden (649).

If Zach can add some bulk to his frame and develop a face up style of play, he could easily average 20 ppg over his final 2 seasons.

Jake the Snake
Player of the Year should be an easy call this year...Jacob Bolyard, hands down. Not only did he lead the team (and the OCC) in scoring and steals, but also finished in the top 10 in rebounds and assists. Hopefully an OCC player of the year and All-Ohio nod await the junior as well, he's definately earned it.

For the season, Jake finished with 413 points, good for an average of 19.7 ppg. He finished 7 points shy of averaging 20 ppg for the year, which would have put him in rare company. He would have been only the 10th Rider to finish with a 20 ppg average over an entire season. Here's what that list currently looks like.

1. Kevin Summers - 28.0 ppg - (1990-91 Season)
2. Chris Royer - 25.6 ppg - (1989-90 Season)
3. Bobby Knight - 24.3 ppg - (1956-57 Season)
4. Don Boop - 24.2 ppg - (1972-73 Season)
5. Ron Wachtel - 23.6 ppg - (1979-80 Season)
6. Kevin Summers - 23.3 ppg - (1991-92 Season)
7. Ron Snyder - 23.2 ppg - (1965-66 Season)
8. Tom Bolyard - 22.9 ppg - (1984-85 Season)
9. Tom Bolyard - 21.9 ppg - (1983-84 Season)
10. Ralph Winters - 21.3 ppg - (1981-82 Season)
11. Ralph Winters - 20.7 ppg - (1980-81 Season)
12. Brian McDaniel - 20.6 ppg - (1997-98 Season)
13. Bobby Knight - 20.6 ppg - (1957-58 Season)

With a strong senior season, Jake just may find himself on this list, and another, even more rare list....the first Rider Father/Son duo to each score 1000 pts. in a career. I'll need to do some research on his exact point total, but I'm estimating he has right around 550-575 points.

I guess that's it....this year was the most anti-climactic year I can remember, it's becoming a very dependable (almost mathematic) formula....equal talent + away from OHS gym = an Orrville loss, and anymore, it doesn't seem to matter where the game is played as 3 of our 7 on-court losses were at Orrville. Our home court advantage is almost non-existant, and nowhere near what it once was.

Unfortunately, the season was also filled with the most fan apathy that I can ever remember, and I've been attending Orrville games for 20+ years. Fans are losing interest, and I'm afraid I don't see that changing.

If you have comments, I'd love to hear them, agree or disagree.

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Anonymous said...

I coudln't agree more with the need for a leadership change. Bt I've made that abundantly clear on the huddle before finally ending the madness by not posting. There's no way a change copuld be made now however until the mess gets ironed out.