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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More on Hoobler to Indiana

Websites all over the Hoosier state (and few here in good ol' Ohio) are on the Chase Hoobler bandwagon...and why not....the Hoosiers are getting a solid player with a lot of talent and potential.

I watched Indiana play Western Michigan in person (on the sideline!) this past September, their defense was average, and I think Chase certainly will not be undersized.  His combination of height, size and speed will serve him well.  He's got all the physical skills to play immediately and to start as early as his soph. year.

IU has about 10 LB's including Chase that will be on their roster next season, so there won't be anything given to him.

Bloomington is a nice college town, and football is clearly 2nd fiddle there. Basketball is and will always be king there. The facilities there are gorgeous and I think will suit Chase just fine. It's Big10 football no matter how you want to paint it.

One question to my loyal readers.....who was the last Orrville football grad to start his college career on scholarship at a Big10 school? I know Justin Zwick went to Ohio St., but he was not an Orrville grad. Dan Stultz is the obvious answer, but anyone between him (Class of 1996) and Chase? I know Dru Robinson did a stint at IU, but he didn't start his college days there.

So what's the list of Orrville football players that played in the Big10?

1. James Bradley (Mich St.)
2. Tom Moore (Ohio St.)
3. Tom Bolyard (Ohio St.....eventually IU)
4. Dan Stultz (Ohio St.)
5. Dru Robinson (IU)
6. Chase Hoobler (IU)
7. Dennis Maag (Ohio St. - walked on, but was eventually a scholarship athlete.)
8. Craig Pack (Ohio St. - seen here)
9.  Ross Bartshcey (Ohio St)
10. Bill Coyer (Ohio St)
11. Tyrone Barnett (Ohio St)
12. Tom Anderson (Ohio St)
13. Kim Anderson (Ohio St)

Who am I missing?


Anonymous said...

Dennis Maag'91 walked on and eventually earned a scholarship at Ohio State... was a DB and even started a few games

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

I wondered about that. I guess I was not counting walk-ons, but the fact that he eventually earned a scholarship would place him on the list.


Anonymous said...

Maag was a two year letterwinner 93 and 94. I would think regardless of scholarship status, earning a letter should merit being included on the list. just my two cents

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

I agree. He's now on the list.

Another player added to the list was Craig Pack.

Anonymous said...

Here are a few more OHS grads who played for the Buckeyes: Ross Bartshcey, Bill Coyer, Tyrone Barnett, Tom Anderson, Kim Anderson

Anonymous said...

Thomas Moore

Anonymous said...

Michael Robinson started off at IU did he not?

Bolyard actually did dress at OSU and I thought he briefly saw the field for a mop up time moment before ending up at IU and leading the Big Ten in punting average.

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

Tom Moore is on the list.

Thought about Mike. Take a look at this link ( like both he and Dru had a gap in between Orrville and Indiana...and from reading this link from Edinboro University, it sounded like Mike was redshirted by IU and then transfered to Edinboro. Doesn't sound like he ever saw action at IU.

Regarding Bolyard, all I can find was that he never lettered at OSU, but it did not say that he never played.