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Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekend Wrapup...

We'll do this in bullet points.....
  • Congrats to Coach Slaughter and the Red Riders on win #1 of the season (65-57 over Shelby) and in Sly's coaching career.  Riders were lead in scoring by junior Zach Wasson (27 pts, 8 rebs.)  Got Mansfield Senior this week in the typical early season OCC showdown.
  • I'm hearing that Chase Hoobler to Indiana is very close to becoming official (EDIT: it's now official), at least in terms of a verbal commitment.  Of course, nothing is official until signing day in February.  But it's been reported in both the ABJ and the Daily Record that he's exploring his options, so I don't think I'm shocking the world here.
  • Oh, and my state football picks were soooo close to being perfect.  Went 5 for 6 and only missed on the D1 game.  The one team that I really wanted to win (Glenville) came up just short.  Great game though.  Four of the six were private schools, and nearly half of the 60 state football titles handed out this decade were won by private schools.  There's maybe 125 private football schools out of roughly 700 in Ohio.  So around 15% of the schools are winning nearly 50% of the titles.  That's quite a disparity....and maybe something I'll write about during the winter doldrums.

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