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Wednesday, February 10, 2010 & Wooster District Talk

Wanted to point everyone to a local basketball site that is full of info, scores, standings and historical results....and have some initial discussion on upcoming tourney play as well.
The site is run by a Triway guy, but don't let that cloud your judgement, it's one of the best local sports webpages out there. In terms of covering all local teams, it's in a class by itself....and reaches "must-visit-daily" status once basketball tourney play begins.

It's heavy on results, standings and history, but it's a very convenient one-stop to see how area teams are doing, who they've played and who they have upcoming.

Check it out here, and consider bookmarking it....specifically the sections pertaining to the Canton district (which Orrville and Triway used to be a part of) and the Wooster district pages.

Take a look at the history section of the Wooster and Canton pages.  Take a look at Orrville's 9 district title game appearances since 1971 in Canton, or our 6 district title game appearances at the Smithville (now Wooster) district.  Tell me those games and scores don't bring up some good (and not so good) memories.

The battles with St V. in the early 90's...the '95 game against Norwayne that had to be moved to the Canton Fieldhouse to accomodate the overflow crowd...the 36 point win over Canton South in 1996 on our way to a state title...our last district title win.

Anyway, give it a look and take a look again around this time next week, he'll be the first to post a tournament bracket online once the seed draw takes place this Sunday (Feb. 14th).

Wooster District
Speaking of the Wooster District, we're a few days away from seeing where the chips fall in terms of seeding.  Should be an interesting draw.  Until last weekend, I thought Orrville was a strong 1 seed, but losing to Triway puts that into question.  If we win both games this weekend (Lexington and Clear Fork), I think we grab the 1....and 2 and 3 should be Triway and Smithville.  I could see Smithville grabbing the 2 simply because more WCAL schools will vote for Smithville over Triway.

All 3 teams are playing well right now, and Smithville suddenly seems like a team that could win a 3rd consecutive district title with the return of junior guard Drew Frizell.  Orr, Caldwell and Frizell is a trio that maybe only Orrville could match (Wasson, Pirman, Bolyard), and will be a tough matchup against anyone.

Hillsdale is looking like the 4 seed, Wellington the 5, and then a nice bunch of teams with .500 records (Black River, Northwestern, Loudonville & Tuslaw) will battle for the 6-9 seeds.

Should be interesting....I'll link to the boys bracket (here's the girls bracket) on my Facebook and Twitter pages when it's posted online.

It will be great to be back in Wooster for tourney play, but a big part of me will miss the Canton Fieldhouse.


Anonymous said...

Canton a great place to watch a game, AND then there is always Tim's Tavern before! :)

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

Tim's Tavern...don't get me started. Great place. Haven't been there in a long time though. Hope to go there before a regional game this year.

Andrew said...

That is a very nice plug for my web site. Thank you! But as I'm sure you feel the same way, we don't do what we do for publicity's sake. We both enjoy sports, and it's fun keeping up in our own way, helping others out along the way.

Lots of time is put into both our web sites, and it's nice to know there are some out there who appreciate them. From the start of basketball season to the very end, I probably spend upwards of 6-10 hours each week (at least) looking up scores and, most recently, reschedule dates! That is not including the roughly 15-20 hours (over 4 days this year) it takes to enter in the complete schedules for all 83 teams I cover over 9 conferences. It's definitely more of a chore than a hobby at times, but it's worth it! (I think!)

I look forward to the DII Canton and DIII Wooster districts as much as anyone, and this year is no different! If only snow-a-geddon hadn't hit us last week, I'd be almost completely caught up with scores. Grr! Everyone can feel free to help out with those I'm missing. Anyway, keep checking in for DIII Wooster district information. My father and I will again be keeping statistics for ALL tournament games (not just Triway's), and I'll be posting box scores to all of them, as well.

Good luck to your team!

Anonymous said...

I would hate to play Northwestern or Loudonville the first or even second game in this tournament! Very possible for many of the top seeds.