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Friday, February 19, 2010

Tim Hiller in Florida to Accept Wuerffel Trophy

Good reading here. Orrville alum Tim Hiller was named the winner of the Danny Wuerffel Trophy back in December, but tonight is when he actually receives the award at a banquet in Florida.

Western Michigan's Director of Athletic Media Relations, Mat Kanan, is with Tim and his family in Florida for all the goings-on surrounding the award and has a wonderful blog at WMU's website detailing it all.

Check it out here, and check again later tonight or tomorrow for pictures from the event.

One little nugget that caught my eye...apparently Tim is now appearing on currency, or at least collectible currency....

The ASA (All-Sports Association, the group that awards the Wuerffel Trophy) has minted commemorative coins with Tim's name and the likeness of the Wuerffel trophy that are available to attendees.
You know you've made it when your name & likeness is stamped on to coins.

How cool would that look in the Orrville High School Trophy case? Maybe right next to a replica of the Wuerffel Trophy?  Just sayin'.

Maybe The Hiller's can snag a few extra coins for posterity....they're probably like party favors at a wedding, right?

All kidding aside, congrats again Tim. Great accomplishment that recognizes work on and off the field.


Anonymous said...

Nice mention today 2/28 in the Sunday Plain Dealer, Tony Grossi's NFL Insider C8 Half the column talks about Holmgren's maybe interested in Tim Hiller as a late round sleeper pick for the Clowns, hopefully the Bengals might grab him before.

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...
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Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

Link to article.