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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Little Inspiration....

Can we just pretend that this exact speech will be delivered by Coach Slaughter tomorrow night??

Slow clap = movie gold.

Yeah, about that "I don't care what the scoreboard says" business....sorry, but I want the win.

Three losses to Triway in one school year (one in football and potentially two in basketball) would be a bitter pill to swallow.

Good luck Riders, and good luck to Coach's been a tough stretch for him lately, and if anyone deserves a reason to smile tomorrow night, it's him.

I still don't think this team has put it together for a complete game this year. We've put together good stretches and good halves, maybe tomorrow night is when it all clicks.

If we're fortunate enough to win, we just might need to refer to this link for help in cutting the nets down. It's been 14 years since our last net cutting exercise.

Let's end the streak. Good luck Riders. Play loose, play smart, play fast and most importantly, play Orrville Basketball.

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Anonymous said...

scissors anyone?