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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Quick Hits

Some quick thoughts and opinions.  The Riders have earned their first district title game appearance since 2005 (also against Triway), and seek their first district title since 1996, with a big 61-48 win over Hillsdale.

  • First and foremost....the game this Friday will be played at the College of Wooster.  7:30pm tip.
  • Did anyone else get that sinking feeling that the Hillsdale game was going to be "one of those games" where shots don't fall and everything goes right for the other team.  I did.
  • Jake Bolyard is fast-approaching legend status.  We've all seen him get on a hot streak, but last night's three 3-ponters in 2 minutes was clutch.  Big time players makes big time plays in big time games....and Jake is a big time player.  Right now, in my book, there aren't many Red Riders who can stroke it from anywhere in the gym, and also create off the dribble like he can.
  • Jake is now up to 1075 career points, putting him 9th all-time, and with just 17 points, he'll jump to 7th all-time, right behind Bobby Knight.  He has an outside chance to reach 500 points for the season, something only 5 other Red Riders have done.
  • Hoobs!!!  Chase Hoobler, playing in only his 2nd game since missing the bulk of the season with an injury, scored 8 huge points and played big minutes when Zach Wasson picked up his 2nd foul in the first quarter.  For his effort, he was named the WQKT player of the game and garnered a free pizza for his effort.  The question is, will one large pizza satisfy him?
  • Defense was lights out again last night.  I don't know what gets said at halftime, but let's keep it up.  In the 2nd half of our 2 tourney games, Orrrville has outscored opponents by a stunning 69-30 score.  That's playing ball when it counts.  Last night, they held Hillsdale to five 2nd half baskets, and just 14 points in the final 16 minutes.  It's refreshing to know that they can rely on defense to keep them in games.
  • Zach Wasson played a whale of a 3rd quarter after picking up 2 fouls in the first few minutes.  His 13 points put him over 400 for the season and at 992 for his career.  Odds are good that he'll cross 1000 this Friday night.
  • Coach Slaughter now has 2 tourney wins and 17 wins overall in his first season.  In the 4 seasons prior to this one, we had a grand total of 2 tourney wins.  An 18th win this Friday would be tied for the highest wins in a season (2004-05) since our last state title (1995-96)
  • Triway held Smithville to 22 points.  We simply cannot allow Triway to dictate tempo....a game tht doesn't get out of the 30's or 40's favors Triway.  Doesn't matter how we win, only that we win.  Don't try to beat the Titans and Coach Snoddy at their own game.  We saw how that worked in 2005.
And last, but not least, Jake Bolyard got the shaft in the OCC player of the year voting.  See the list here
Just a whole lot of disrespect shown toward Jake and the season he's had. 

Darrin Harris won the award, and he's a fine player, but let's look at the numbers.

Jake - 21.3 ppg (49.8% FG, 32.3% from 3pt. range, 77% FT), 4.7 rpg, 2.78 apg, 2.5 spg.
Harris - 18.8 ppg (53.7% FG, 35.3% from 3pt. range, 64.5% FT), 5.5 rpg, 1.25 apg, 1.5 spg.

Who's numbers are more well-rounded??  Just like last year when Jake had better numbers than Courtney Avery, yet falls victim to a clear bias by the coaches in the western part of the conference.  A shame really.

One more note about Jake, according to AD Kent Smith, Jake has been named the Div. 3 NE Inland District Player of the year.  He has also been selected to participate in the Ohio North/South game to be held at Capital University on April 18th.  Jake will participate in the DIII/DIV game and play for the North team.

I believe this is the same game that his father Tom particiapted in as a senior also.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Tom played in the North/South all-star game, held in Canton back then, and he also won the Slam dunk contest. signed, riders1