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Friday, March 26, 2010

Meet the Thunderbirds...and other useful info.

Winners of 19 straight, the Lima Central Catholic T-Birds will look for their 1st state title in school history.  They've finished as runner-up in 1989 & 1994.

Their coach, Bob Seggerson, notched his 500th win earlier this season and will seek his 1st state title in his career.  He's 515-209 in his career.  Those numbers are Smitty-esque.


LCC is the team who, in 1994, led Berlin Hiland by 7 points with under a minute left, and lost.  It became legend that LCC fans were lined up to purchase tickets next door to St. John Arena, and had to be told by police that their team had indeed lost and to let the Hiland fans in line to buy tickets.

They seem to have the balance, depth and size to matchup with us. Should be a great game, and that's what state championship games should be.

--If Orrville brings home the gold trophy, they'll be only the 11th school in Ohio history to have won 4 state titles or more, and can reassume their place as one of the tradition-rich basketball schools in the state. Some of the schools on that list haven't won in the modern era, but a title is a title. Akron St. V. and Cleveland St. Joes are the only other area schools with 4 or more titles.

--Fans are asked to wear red tomorrow. LCC is blue and red, so expect to see a lot of red in the stands.

--I believe the Riders will be wearing their red "away" jerseys tomorrow. Makes just the 2nd time they've worn red in the tourney.

--A win Saturday would be the 3rd over a parochial school in this tourney.

--It's been great to see the membership explode on my Facebook page. Just last week, it crossed 400 members, and now is a few members away from 500. Glad to provide a place for Red Riders to congregate and use social media to help support the team.

--While I'm bragging....yesterday was an amazing day for the blog. 599 visits is a new one-day record. This week (March 21-27) & month have been the biggest ever in blog history, notching 1700+ hits this week alone and over 4200 hits for the month. Unique visits are also at an all-time high. In the early days, 1000 hits a month was a big deal. As always, I'm humbled and appreciative beyond words.

--If the boys are fortunate enough to win, a post-game celebration will be held at the auxiliary gym attached to the Arena. Fans are invited. Read more here.

--Still wish some kind of welcome home ceremony was going to be held on Sunday. In the past, those were a great chance for kids to see and meet the players.

--This team continues to amaze...they're a testament to hard work and hustle. Let's hope they've got one more "Rider" effort in them. Win or lose, 6 seniors will play their last game in an Orrville uniform. Jake, Joey, Andre, Chase, Sam & Dillon....make game #27 the best one yet.

--Thanks to Carol Ubelhart (editor), Mike Guster & Rod Dilyard (photogs) and all the folks at Orrviews for allowing me the privilege to work with such wonderful & professional people. Yesterday was a big thrill for me personally. Press row at the state final four was something that I could really get used to. It never once felt like work.

--Safe travels tomorrow everyone....As amazing as it sounds, I will not be able to make the trip. My little girl turns 2 this weekend and I've got to help get things ready for her party. There are few things I love more than following the Red Riders...but family is certainly one of those things. I'll be watching on the tube, and will be living and dying with every shot.

Go get 'em Red. 1992, 1995, 1996.....let's add 2010 to that list.

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GO BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!