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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Avon Lake Parking Assistance

Here's some advice on managing the potential parking nightmare around Avon Lake Stadium. I was informed that there will be a drama club play on the same night as the Orrville/Genoa game, and that half of the already limited parking spaces at the school will be reserved for that event.

In looking at the area in and around the stadium, parking was already quite scarce...but no worries...shuttle buses to the rescue!! See the map below for available parking and pickup/dropoff sites for the shuttle buses. Better and make plans ahead of time. Leave a few minutes earlier and be patient and I'm sure all will work out.

Here's the map provided by Avon Lake and distributed by the OHS athletic the picture for a full-size, printable version.

Several notes......

1.  Note the parking to the east of the stadium at Erieview Elementary and at Avon Lake Library.  There's not many spaces at each.
2.  If you want the spot with the most parking spots and easiest access to Rt 83...I'd have to guess that it's at the Towne Center Plaza.  If you get there early enough, you could take your chances closer to the field, but if you get there any time after 6pm, just head to the shopping plaza and save yourself the headache.
3.  Gates at the field open at 6:15pm, shuttle buses begin running at 6pm.
4.  Bleser Park has over 200 parking spaces so that's another spacious parking lot.  Since it's west of the stadium, I imagine that a lot of Genoa fans will nab those spaces.
5.  Any lots at the school will cost $2.  Parking is free everywhere else.  Shuttle service is free also.
6.  Shuttle bus pickup/dropoff is directly behind the home stands near the baseball field.

Here's an interactive map of the area if you want to "blaze your own trail" or just familiarize yourself with the area.

View Larger Map

Again...leave extra time to deal with traffic/parking in and around the stadium.  Carpool if you can, and be prepared to walk.  Most of all, be courteous. 

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