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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 13 Site.....Avon Lake High School

Well, I thought it was a lock for Huron or Tiffin (so did Genoa's AD)...but one thing is certain, never set it in stone when the OHSAA is involved. The site for the regional final between Orrville and Genoa has been announced. It will be held at Memorial Stadium on the campus of Avon Lake High School.

According to this link, it's a 4500-seat capacity stadium that has been completely renovated. Updates were made to the seating, concessions, restrooms, locker rooms and (most importantly) a brand new artificial turf playing surface. Here's a gallery of pictures from their renovation which was completed just before the 2010 season opened.

Genoa will be the home team (Orrville is the higher seed, but we're on the bottom of the bracket, so we're the visitor).  More seats on the home side, but there will be plenty of room for the Orrville contingent.  Genoa needs the extra room for their air horns (and inflated egos) anyway.

Google Maps says it's just shy of a 90-minute drive from Orrville....and just over 90 minutes from Genoa. So pretty equal in terms of drive. What has the potential to stink is dealing with what will amount to rush hour traffic in the Cleveland area. Looks like the best way to go is up Rt. 71 North to 90 West to the Route 83 North exit.

Stadium is less than a mile away from Lake dress warm.

Here's a map & directions.

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Anonymous said...

If Genoa is bringing the air horns, we need to bring the milk jugs baby! Tim I know you hate them but it is part of our tradition. Stomping feet on the bleechers on 3rd and 4th down and the milk jugs! Who is making them and where can i get mine. Lets bring the house Friday night Red Rider fans and show Genoa once again who has the better following and better team!!!!!