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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Max Pirman commits to Nebraska

I hate taking the focus off the Red Riders regional championship game this week against Genoa, but I'm not exactly the only one reporting this.

Orrville senior Max Pirman and junior Mason Monheim visited Lincoln, NE for the 'Huskers game versus Kansas at Memorial Stadium this past Saturday.  Max had previously committed to Indiana, but lately there has been some talk about IU coach Bill Lynch being on the hot seat, especially after Wisconsin hung 83 points on them. All of that was enough to give Max pause and at least re-evaluate his situation.

I guess it gave him more than of Monday evening, Max has officially de-committed from Indiana and verbally committed to the University of Nebraska.

Sounds like Nebraska did a great job of rolling out the red (what other color would they use?) carpet to both Max and Mason from what I've read and had told to me.  Heard both Mason and Max got to walk the 'Huskers out from the locker room and down to the edge of the field.  I'm sure that wasn't the only memorable experience the pair had.

What continues to amaze me is how quickly news spread in this recruiting game.  I was sent a message just after midnight by someone very close to Max that said he had made the decision.  Just about that time, the news was landing on the major scouting service websites.  I was also told that these same services were contacting Mason to see when his plane landed back in Ohio.  They wanted to be the first site to offer up the details of his visit to Nebraska.  I'm sure Max got that same call.

I get that it's a business, and these sites sell subscriptions to people who want all the "inside dirt" on recruits coming to their school, and that being "first" with info is a big deal,  but it comes off as a little creepy to me.  But it's the game you have to play, I guess.  It's been like that for years, but in the digital age, information moves much, much quicker.

Congrats to Max & his family.  Now go out and kick some Comet tail this weekend.

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