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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Let's talk Girls Basketball, OK?

A very nice start for Coach Alberts and the Lady Riders. A convincing 4-0 start that has seen the Lady Riders win very handily in 3 of the 4.

Leading the way again this season for the defending OCC champs is sophomore Hannah Plybon. Her numbers this season have been very impressive, leading the team in scoring in all four games so far, including a 35-point effort last week against Lexington. By the records listed in the Winter Sports program, 35 points is tied for the 3rd most in OHS girls history.

Here's the team results along with leading scorer info so far....

Beat Chippewa 85-46 (Leading Scorer: Ha. Plybon - 29 points)
Beat Carrollton 77-52 (Leading Scorer: Ha. Plybon - 21 points)
Beat Buckeye 86-45 (Leading Scorer: Ha. Plybon - 18 points)
Beat Lexington 77-68 (Leading Scorer: Ha. Plybon - 35 points)
That's an average, so far, of 81 points per game, and only giving up 52 on defense. Their average winning margin is pretty impressive too, cruising to win by an average of 28 points per game.

Hannah's 26 points per game average puts her on pace to shatter the all-time scoring per game average, currently 20.5 points per game set by Rhonda Winters back in the 1982-83 season. She also has a crack at the single season scoring record, again held by Winters with 513 points.

Say the team plays 20 more games (16 regular season and 4 tournament games) and Hannah averages 20 points in each of those games. That's an additional 400 points to add on to the 103 she's already scored for a total of 503.

That would give her the all-time scoring average record with 20.95 points per game, but would leave her 10 points shy of the all-time points scored record.

Regardless, she's quite the talent and has plenty of talent around her to potentially make this a special season.

She'll have a real good look at the school record for points in a career too.  That record is currently held by Stacie Howard with 1470.  Hannah scored 393 points last season per the Wooster Daily Record, so she's about 30% of the way to that goal.

393 points and 103 so far this season gives her 496 career points in just 27 career games.  Maybe the "Plybon Points" version of the "Wasson Watch" is in order.  Either way, we'll keep an eye on her points as the season progresses.

All-Time Records
I've mentioned a few above, but thought I'd put all the pertinent girls basketball records in one place. Click here for that list, or just look under the "Basketball" tab and click "Girls Basketball Records." I'll do the same for the boys records as time allows.

Thanks, obviously, to Athletic Director Kent Smith and the OHS Athletic Department for assembling and compiling the records.  I'm merely giving them a digital home.

Big Game Looming
West Holmes comes calling to Red Rider country this Thursday for an early-season OCC showdown. The Knights always have solid girls teams in volleyball and basketball, so this will be a test. As teams begin to focus their defensive effort more and more on slowing down Hannah (easier said than done), it's the perfect opportunity for a 2nd and 3rd scorer to nab some open shots.

Would be great to welcome the Knights to Bob Knight Gymnasium with a packed house.

A tip of the cap to Coach Alberts, his staff and the Lady Riders.  Keep up the great work.

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